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Landscaping Using Pine Straws Improving the garden appearance and productivity is usually required time and effort. This has led to the emergence of firms offering various ground covering materials. Companies have been ingenious in using the fallen pine tree leaves as a product for landscaping. Pine straws are commonly accumulated into a bale which is offered to the customers. Products sold by landscaping firms includes. The first product is the selling of bales of pine straw at a wholesale price, which makes the cost much less than other products. Therefore the land owner can acquire many bales for their wide ground that requires covering. It is also the duty of the pine straw company to give guidelines on the best way to lay the straws on the ground and if necessary to offer personnel to assist in the process. Pine straws are not only used in gardens with plantations but also schools can use them for their playing fields and also on company’s outdoor resting and waiting areas. Advantages that have been attributed to using pine straw for covering the ground are. The first advantage is that pine straws are much inexpensive, unlike other landscaping materials. Therefore a given amount invested in purchasing of pine straws instead of other materials will cover a wider ground.
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Pine straws are also more appropriate for sloping grounds as they tend to remain in position. Other products most of the time will slowly slide downhill leaving the top area uncovered. The slopes that have rainfall floods are known to not support many landscape materials apart from pine straws. Pine straws also keep firm soils on the ground minimizing amount of soil taken from rainfall waters.
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Once installed the pine straws will reduce minimal attention and work to keep covering the ground. This is because it does not require watering or trimming like lawn grass. Also laying straw on a garden with plants makes the soil even more conducive for the plants. Some plants like acidic soil which can be create by mulching with pine straws. Also the pine straws provides an extra layer of the soil for the plants, this layer will prevent quick evaporation of soil waters thus the plant has access to sufficient water in the soil. In addition the straws will serve as manure for the next season plantations. Pine straws are also used in the house yard layout. Straws can be placed on passages leading to the house. Hence it people are able to walk into the house conveniently even on rainy seasons. Another group that interacts with pine tree companies are the pine trees farmers. What may be referred to as the trees waste is converted to make an income to the farmers.