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Sealcoating and its Significance

One way to protect your asphalt from deteriorating is by sealcoating it. There would be an additional beauty and attractiveness by sealcoating your asphalt. Although there are people who know about the need for sealcoating their asphalt, they also have questions about its details. The best way to help you understand sealcoating and its basics is to comply a list of the common questions.

About the surface that cracks and that it keeps coming back

If there are any cracks on your asphalt, it is important that you seal each of them before you sealcoat. An asphalt pavement may be damaged if you have not filled a crack. Possibly, but hopefully not, the water would go into the pores of the exterior or under the asphalt into the base and a costly asphalt repair would be necessary to repair its damage. Even though the asphalt parking lot or road is sealcoated, if there are cracks that have not been sealed, this type of damage can happen.
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Take note that there should be no cracks coming back and that if the asphalt cracks are sealed properly during the first time, the crack sealing will be able to last the time of the sealcoating.
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About the asphalt parking lot being sealcoated annually

You should not sealcoat your asphalt parking lot annually. Several companies would tell you to sealcoat your asphalt annually but take note that this would just add pennies to them. Excessive sealcoating can give you some problems because what is really important is the first two coats of sealer applied which is the one that really protects the asphalt. Usually for makeup reasons only is the sealcoating after those partial applications.

Sealcoating a parking lot in a hot wather

You can do this as long as it is done properly. During summer, asphalt cam get very hot. Putting on a sealer may dry quickly if the temperature is more than 90 degrees. Be aware that this may peel if this would occur. First, you should spray the outside with a light mist of water in order for you to apply sealcoat in temperatures more than 90 degrees. Your asphalt will have a cooling effect because of this. The sealer can be applied when the temperature has already been lowered.

If your asphalt project is properly conserved, it could last for over twenty years. When you hire a notable paving contractor, in the long run, it can save you any cost. You will not only have a parking lot that is looking so great, in addition, the works of these men should last for decades.

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