Four Reasons Many Consumers Consider Yamaha to Be the Best Motorcycle Brand

The Yamaha Motorcycle was first produced in 1955 and was only sold in Japan. The bikes have evolved a great deal since that original model and have become one of the most popular motorcycle brands worldwide. Why do so many people hold the opinion that Yamaha is the best motorcycle brand ever made?


Reliability is one of the top reasons consumers choose the same brand again and again. The Autos division of The Cheat Sheet places Yamaha at the top of all motorcycle brands for reliability. The reviewers note that cruisers tend to be reliable than other models in any brand, something prospective buyers may want to keep in mind. Consumer Reports also finds Yamaha motorcycles to be the most reliable.

Sporty Appearance

Motorcyclists appreciate Yamaha’s sporty look, which has always been a trend-setter. Some of the models look truly space age, as though they could easily feature in The Jetsons. Consumers who prefer motorcycles that aren’t quite that attention-grabbing like the models that are more traditional in style but still incorporate features that firmly place the bikes in the present era.


The company is known for innovation. Just one example is its introduction of a motorcycle that essentially was a dirt bike but was also street legal. The invention of this sturdy and durable yet lightweight model created an entirely new market for motorcycles. Many riders had wished for such a bike for a very long time.

Expert Opinion

Yamaha consistently appears on lists of the best motorcycles. The brand commands three spots in the most recent top 10 list by Cycle World, for instance. The middleweight street bike probably will appeal to a majority of buyers, but the company also scores high with a superbike and a dual sport/enduro bike.

Concluding Thoughts

Experts as well as the more average motorcyclists all have their opinions, but one thing is certain: a main reason to own any motorcycle is for the fun of it. Somebody who buys a Yamaha can expect all the noteworthy advantages as well as owning a bike that’s fun to ride and keeps gas costs way down.