Fixing Your Car On the Go

You backed into something you shouldn’t have. Someone hit you and you dismissed it as no big deal. Whatever happened, you’re now facing a dent that needs to get fixed. Rather than turning your car into the local body shop for a week or longer, you can take advantage of a mobile auto repair in Fort Worth.

Address the Problem

You have to look at what’s really wrong with your car. Often, there is a dent that presses part of the metal body in, leaving it looking worse than it really is. You don’t want to drive around town with this eyesore as it detracts from the aesthetics of the car.

Schedule a Repair

Perhaps the worst part about having to fix your car is figuring out when to get it done. By opting for a mobile repair, professionals will come to you. Particularly with paintless dent removal, it can be done on the spot. There’s no need for your car to be repainted if the dent didn’t do any paint damage. Plus, you can feel more confident driving around when the repair has been taken care of properly.

Save Time and Money

One of the biggest reasons to use a mobile repair service is to save you time and money. You don’t want to be inconvenienced any more than you already have. If you have to leave your car in the shop for days, it could end up costing you money for a rental car. You might also have to lose time at work or inconvenience friends to drive you around.

Car repairs need to be taken care of. Rather than assuming there’s only one option, consider exploring a mobile service.…

Should You Change Your Oil Yourself

Changing your own oil is the quintessential act of manliness. Being able to work on your own car makes you feel self-sufficient, greasy jacket and all. Image aside, knowing how to change your own oil is a rite of passage for every American teenager.

Does It Really Save You Money?

Honestly, not really. These days, you don’t need an oil change all that often. Modern cars use less, and synthetic oil lasts longer than traditional oil. Once you add in the cost of supplies and your labor, you may be better off having someone do it for you.

While thirty dollars for an oil change a few times a year really isn’t a big deal, a lot of dealerships and service shops will get you for everything else you think you need, too. From cabin filters to topping off your fluids, you will save money on extras if you do it yourself.

How Can You Save Money on Oil Changes?

First of all, you can stop getting them every three thousand miles. This rule is outdated. You don’t need one that often, and if you have a newer car, it probably already has an indicator that tells you when it’s time. Surprisingly, it’s likely every seven to ten thousand miles. Check your owner’s manual to be sure, but you can save money by doing it less if you can get away with it.

Your local lube joint may actually lose money getting you in the door. That’s why they upsell you every chance they get. If you let someone else do it, it’s hard to save money, because they’ll convince you that you need something you don’t. They play on your ignorance and your fear.

Keep track of all of your maintenance and read your owner’s manual. What you’ll find is that you can do a lot of those things yourself for cheaper, not just oil changes. Don’t let the service department upsell you. If you’re really convinced it needs to be done, you can likely do it.

Look For Deals

If you don’t want to do it yourself, look for the best deal. For something as routine as an oil change, you don’t have to go to the same place every time. Most places can do an oil change on any vehicle without messing it up royally. Get the best price whenever you can.

If they do try to upsell you on another part that seems to need replacing, look for the best deal on that, too. Don’t settle for having it done right away when you can clip coupons or shop around for a better quote. You never know where you might find a bargain.

The Answer

Unfortunately, there’s not a hard and fast answer to this age-old question. It depends on your preferences. If you don’t have the tools to change your own oil, it’s going to cost you more up front to equip your personal garage with a drip pan, a jack, car ramps, and a …

Does Your Car Need a Tune-Up?

Car tune-ups are a thing of the past. Maybe if you drive something twenty years old or older, you need to have it tuned up occasionally, but these days, cars come with maintenance schedules for a reason.


What is a Tune Up?


A tune-up consists of checking and replacing parts to bring your ignition, fuel system, and engine performance to a better state of efficiency. Many mechanics don’t even offer tune-ups anymore, because it’s not necessary. It wastes their time, your time, and your money.


Sometimes tune-ups today include a new set of spark plugs, a cabin filter replacement, or an engine filter replacement. However, even these things are part of the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual, so they’re not really necessary.


You may choose to see a mechanic to perform regular checkups on your car, and it could consist of things as simple as checking your tire pressure, getting your oil changed, or rotating your tires.


Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule


Typically, oil changes are required every 3000 to 5000 miles for regular oil and 6000 to 10,000 miles for synthetic oil. You should rotate your tires every 5000 miles, and you need to replace spark plugs every 100,000 miles.


Engine and cabin filters vary by make and model but should be replaced on a regular basis to keep your car running optimally. If your air filter is clogged, replacing it could improve your acceleration, and it will undoubtedly improve the cleanliness of the air in your cabin.


So What Now?


Dutiful car owners still take their cars in to get them tuned up, even though it’s no longer necessary. A service technician will most likely inspect or test the fuel, ignition, and emissions systems, looking for faulty hoses, oxygen sensors, and other things that might hurt your car’s performance.


If your oxygen sensor is bad, it could cause faulty readings or reduce your gas mileage by forty percent. However, these are all still things that will come to light during a routine maintenance visit and don’t need a special trip.


Follow Your Maintenance Schedule


The manufacturer or your vehicle built a maintenance schedule to fit your car specifically. It helps extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running efficiently. Telling your mechanic that your car needs a tune-up indicates that you don’t really have a good idea of what’s wrong with your car and you are willing to spend extra money to have them figure it out for you.


Hopefully, you have a trustworthy mechanic, but other businesses may take advantage of this opportunity. Find the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual to see what it recommends and if you can find a section on ‘tune-ups.’ Follow these guidelines for the life of your car, and you shouldn’t need to do much else.


You can also check with your local dealership. They’ll have a list of recommended maintenance visits, and their prices may even be competitive. They will know your vehicle better than anyone, have

The best part about starting a franchise

If you have been interested in starting a franchise business and are not sure which type of business you should start, consider opening an auto repair and service business. People always need car repair and auto body work done. Aside from food-service franchise businesses, auto repair is an industry that is always booming. The best part about starting a franchise business with an established company like Meineke is that it already has a loyal customer base. Additionally and surprisingly, you do not need to have a background as an automotive technician to begin a Meineke business. Here is a list of basic requirements you need to get your franchise up and running.

You will need to have a net worth of $250,000, non-borrowed liquid assets of $110,000 and a credit score of 700 or higher to start. When you include the franchise cost and fee for initial advertising, the contribution and your equipment and inventory costs, you can expect your total initial investment to be around $300,000.

After your introductory call is completed, your qualifications are reviewed and your application is approved, you will undergo a series of presentations in which you get your license, learn of your expectations as an owner, discuss and plan operations and marketing, develop the business systems and determine the real estate requirements necessary for establishing ownership of your franchise.

A dedicated team of franchise support professionals will be available to assist you anytime you need clarification, marketing outreach or business support. With over 45 years of experience, the Meineke franchise team will help you establish a solid business and marketing plan, teach you how to employ daily management strategies and techniques and learn the best repair practices to enhance brand loyalty with your local customer base.

While no franchise business is self-sustaining, the Meineke franchise opportunities offers a turnkey business opportunity that has the potential to bring steady profits if you follow protocol, implement a sound marketing strategy and employ top-notch people with exemplary customer service and mechanical skills. The initial investment costs are high, but the return on your investment will continue to rise over time.…

Tips to Help Protect Your Vehicle

When you work hard and save to get the vehicle you have always wanted, the last thing you want is for it to get stolen or damaged. Although you can never be 100% sure that something will not happen, there are a few ways that you can protect your car and keep it in good shape.

Protecting the Interior

Everyone knows the sun can cause a lot of damage to the interior of a car over time. One of the best ways to protect the seats, dash, and other interior parts from fading and cracking is to have the windows tinted. This can help keep them in good shape, and it helps when you have to get in after it has been sitting outside for several hours. This is why companies such as Automotive Protection Services offer auto window tinting fairfax va.

Reduce the Chance Your Car Will Be Stolen

One of the ways you can help to protect your investment is to park in the garage at night. Car thieves, just like burglars, look for the easiest target. Therefore, they will generally take a car off the street or out of a driveway before they try to break into a garage. If you do not have a garage and must park in the driveway or on the street in front of your house, an anti-theft device can help. You can also invest in one of the metal bars that attach to the steering wheel to keep it from moving.

Another beneficial way of reducing the odds that your car will be stolen is to invest in a quick-release steering wheel. These steering wheels can be taken off when you park your car. If a thief sees a car without a steering wheel, most likely they are going to look for another one with all the parts intact.

Of course, you should have the vehicle maintenance performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This can often help prevent problems that could end up being very expensive repairs. In addition, this is important to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently.…