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Boy Killed in San Jose, California Car Accident

A family outing turned deadly for a San Jose family that lost its son in a car accident involving a teenage driver in Livermore, California on Saturday. The Alameda County Coroner has identified the boy as Jonathan Manzo.

Jonathan was in his mother’s minivan, along with his sister and bother, with his mother driving. According to reports in the San Francisco Chronicle, the family was driving along in their Mercury minivan when a teenage motorist heading in their direction, attempted to over take another car. In doing so, the driver of that car, a Toyota Corolla, lost control of his vehicle, and veered into oncoming traffic, and the minivan. The van broadsided the Corolla, leaving the occupants, and especially Jonathan, with severe injuries.

Jonathan was airlifted to an Oakland hospital, along with one of his siblings. He died in the hospital from injuries sustained in the car accident. His mother, and the other sibling who was in the car, were hospitalized for their injuries. There’s no information about their condition.

This is no doubt a terrible time for the Manzo family, and our hearts go out to the surviving members who have lost so much in this car accident.

The driver of the Toyota, a 17-year-old boy was also hospitalized for treatment of injuries he sustained in the crash. Alcohol is not suspected to be a factor in the accident.

Investigations are ongoing, and we will doubtless hear more details as the days go by. For instance, at what speed was the teen motorist driving? Was there reckless or aggressive driving involved? What about the possibility of street racing in this accident? A young boy has been killed, and the people in charge of driving him do not seem to have been at fault.

The Manzo family, including Jonathan’s two siblings, continues to be in the hospital for treatment. They deserve to be compensated not just for their heart-breaking loss, but also their own trauma and injuries suffered as a result of this car accident. There are medical expenses involved, and loss of earnings that must be accounted for. The family must seek the advice of an experienced California car accident attorney as quickly as possible, to explore the legal avenues they have.

Avila Offers Quiet Ca Beach Escape

If you’re looking or that quiet getaway on the Central California coast, consider Avila Beach, an idyllic little stretch of sand with comfortable accommodations nearby. Not that children would be unwelcome – Avila is a playground for all ages. But the new Avila Village Inn has now brought this destination up a notch or two for those seeking a special romantic beach getaway. The inn has pulled out all the stops to attract couples who want to pamper themselves as much as enjoy the natural beauties of the Central California coastline. About seven miles north of Pismo Beach the sign directs Highway 101 travelers to Avila Beach by way of a winding road that follows San Luis Creek down into a wooded ravine. About a mile before you get to the beach is Avila Village, a new development with condos, a few shops and, adjacent to the creek, the Avila Village Inn. While not actually on the beach, the inn’s wooded setting gives the property a quiet, reclusive feel. The developers of the hotel use the word “refined” to describe the many details and amenities that have been built into the 30 guest rooms. And our impression was that, indeed, this is one of those inns where you enjoy tasting the luxurious accommodations as much as experiencing the beach and other natural surroundings. This property has incorporated many of the design features now seen in newer upscale homes. Wet bars, granite countertops and fireplaces are in each room, while marble is used extensively throughout the shower and bathroom area. The pillow-top king beds both look and feel comfortable with down pillows, blankets and duvets. We especially enjoyed the 103-degree private spa waiting for us on our creekside balcony. If you’re so inclined, each room or suite has its own DVD player and guests are encouraged to check out free DVDs from the front desk. Those who are a little more active will welcome the fitness center that is just across the parking lot from the inn – perfect for working off those snacks, pastries and treats that are provided guests in both a welcoming basket and a breakfast basket the next day. Other details like tasteful art, mission-style furniture and a grand, sweeping staircase in the lobby area all add up to a sense of privilege – which, of course, is what it’s all about when you spend significant money to enjoy quality time with your loved one. A couple of minutes down the road from the inn is Avila Beach, a half-mile long beach area that is growing in popularity because of its more exclusive, almost Mediterranean feel. A few older hotels are situated near the beach, adjacent to some shops that are sprinkled throughout the tiny “downtown” area. There is evidence of new construction that we hear was made necessary from some oil leaks in the area; but the beach itself and the businesses along the beach seem unaffected. Avila Beach has three piers, including two that are …

Scion – A New Brand from Toyota

Although Toyota is one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world, the late 1990’s saw a shift of younger consumers away from the Toyota brand. This is not a new concept, as most car manufacturers have had to deal with this unique shift at some point in their histories. Industrial psychologists throughout the twentieth century have concluded that the issue stems from a natural need for human offspring to develop independence outside of the parent-child relationship. Studies show that younger consumers naturally make choices that allow them to develop a separate identity. Brand shifting is just one more way that the next generation establishes this unique identity.

In order to combat this, Toyota announced plans in the latter half of the nineties to lure generation Y back to the Toyota brand. The project was entitled Project Genesis. While the project itself was not successful, the Scion line grew out of this failed attempt.

The public got its first glimpse of Toyota’s new concept car at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show on January 2, 2003. The xA and XB were the 2004 models that were displayed at the show. Toyota introduced the vehicles slowly. The cars were made available at just 104 dealerships and were limited to California only. The next year Toyota made the cars available nationwide. The Scion xB was unveiled in December of 2006. Scion currently has three models available to buyers in the United States. These include the tC, which is a three-door lift back, a five-door box shaped compact wagon and the xD, which is a five-door subcompact car.

Toyota has changed its sales strategy for the Scion line up, calling it Value Innovation. The concept is founded on key factors that include price, options, performance handling, confidence in buying and 21st radio. Scion has incorporated into its sales strategy a concept it calls “Pure Price” and monospec trim levels. The monospec allows for a wide selection of factory and TRD accessories.

The “Pure Price” strategy entails listing the price of the vehicle, whether on the car, in an advertisement of on a display board at the dealership. The price includes the vehicle, accessories, finance and insurance products. Whatever price is listed is what the customer pays. This removes any negotiation from the price. It was meant to entice buyers by offering a simpler and cleaner process that was open and balanced. The strategy is not a new one, having been used by both Geo and Saturn with mixed results.

The monospec strategy offers consumers only one trim level with the ability to make the car unique to the individual buyer. To do this Scion has joined with various aftermarket companies to give each buyer up to 40 different options from which to add to the vehicle. The success of this has yet to be determined and as some critics have pointed out, Toyota is taking an unusual risk in terms of its history of quality automobiles. Because aftermarket items have proven in the …

How Important is a Good Pool Truck

So you want to start a pool cleaning business? Agreed, that the pool cleaning business is profitable and offers great scope for growth. You have taken time to study the various chemicals and other equipment that will be needed for the job. Everything is under control. Or is it? Have you decided how you are going to cart this rather heavy equipment along with those large cans of cleaning chemicals to the pool that needs to be cleaned? Which transport system will be most economical and spacious enough for the job? There are several other such questions must be answered before launching a pool cleaning business.

Pool cleaning requires more than a mop and some detergent. There are large pool vacuums, cleaners and several other scraping equipments which are essential to get the job done. Mostly pool cleaners are a group of people since it is not a solo activity to begin with. Therefore the need to find a transportation facility that allows for enough space to cart all these items easily is very important. Since most car boots will not be able to qualify for this requirement, the answer lies in a good pool truck. A pool truck that allows space for both the equipment and the help is very important to the success of a pool cleaning business. However, since the pricing for pool cleaning services need to be competitive, it is very important to find a pool truck that is high on fuel efficiency so that it translates to an economical choice. While space is of consequence, a large truck that consumes extra fuel will be self-defeating.

The need therefore is to find an optimum sized pool truck that facilitates the process of carrying pool cleaning equipment and chemicals along with the helpers. It is one of the aspects that can lead to the success of the venture. A pick-up is an ideal vehicle for a pool cleaning business. The truck is optimally sized and gives a high average. This makes it fairly economical too. In fact, it might be extremely inconvenient to run a pool cleaning business without a good pool truck unless you have learnt to ‘apparate’ at the pool owner’s desired site.

Another benefit of the pool truck is that you can use it as an advertising medium for your pool cleaning business. A certain pool cleaning business that uses only pink trucks drives the point home by naming themselves as pink truck pool cleaners. The vehicle helps to attract prospects and the name is easy to remember due to the visual identification of the truck. Similarly, a green truck might work to advertise the fact that economically friendly products are being used by you in carrying out the pool cleaning job.

Pool trucks form an integral part of the infrastructure of a pool cleaning business and must be selected after conducting a proper survey of the geographical area and the available options. Depending upon the area, a two or four wheel pick up …

San Juan Capistrano Dirt Bike Riders Motorcycle Accident Case Begins

A jury in a Santa Ana courtroom will begin to hear opening statements soon from both attorneys in a case that threatens to become a highly emotional one – involving negligence of the city on the one hand, and parental supervision, or the lack thereof, on the other.

Attorneys for both sides of a motorcycle accident case have begun to present opening arguments before prospective jurors in the case involving two teenage San Juan Capistrano boys. In March 30, 2005, the two teenagers, Trenton Merrill, then a 14-year-old, and Scott Agostini, then 13 years of age were riding a dirt bike. Merrill was the passenger. The pair crossed San Juan Capistrano Creek Road, and crashed into a BMW. Both suffered injuries in the motorcycle accident, but it was Merrill who took the brunt of the impact. He spent several weeks in the hospital undergoing a number of surgeries before his leg had to be amputated. Agostini was discharged a week after the accident with no permanent damage. The driver of the BMW, Emily Pastore, was not injured in the accident.

In the days after the motorcycle accident, Merrill and his family sued the city, as well as a city landscaping contractor. The city on its part, sued both Agostini and Pastore, but last week dropped Pastore from the suit.

In opening remarks, the attorney for the city based his arguments on the young boys and their temperament. According to him, the boys had been encouraged to take up the sport of motocross racing by their parents, and were prone to using the neighborhood as their own private motocross-racing track. He rejected outright the notion that these boys were naïve or innocent victims in this tragedy, and said that they were already semi-pro motocross racers by the time of the motorcycle accident. And this when the boys were just 13 and 14 years old!

In his opening remarks, the attorney for the Merrills, argued that the boys had absolutely no time to see Pastore’s BMW as they cut across the intersection because an overgrowth of heavy vegetation created a blind intersection, in the center of the median. Merrill, he contends, had been forced to lose his leg and let go of his dreams, because of the negligence of the San Juan Capistrano city that failed to make the intersection safe to use for riders. There was no record of any maintenance work done at the site of the accident by the landscape contractor. There were no warning signs that could have warned the boys. There was nothing but green brush that blocked the boy’s view, and led to the motorcycle accident.

The case has taken on emotional tones, especially with those who believe that the boys’ parents were being irresponsible in letting them ride dirt bikes in the streets. The attorney for the city actually used the words, “self centered”, and “disobedient.” We’re still a while away from hearing all the facts in this case, but there doesn’t seem to be …

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