These Recreational Vehicles Rated the Highest in Safety in 2016

There is no denying that purchasing a Recreational Vehicle is a big deal to most people. It is a costly investment that will set you back several tens of thousands of dollars and it’s only fair to make sure that you are getting the best in terms of build-quality and safety. Speaking of which, most RV manufacturers boast of a more-than-average track record as far as the production of such units goes. Nonetheless, no matter how good the quality control in any modern production line is, there are bound to be several safety issues with the final product. For this reason, if you are looking for a list of the recreational vehicles that were rated highest in 2016, then you will find it here.

1. Airstream

It is no secret that Airstream travel trailers still have their legendary ‘silver bullet’ shape from the 40s. Over the years, Airstream travel trailers have enjoyed a reputation for their stellar quality and durability. What’s more, all Airstream trailers feature an iconic design principle that employs a low center of gravity leading to a stable, comfortable and safe ride. And thanks to the ‘silver bullet’ shape, the exterior mechanical design of these travel trailers banks is quite aerodynamic and thus capable of excellent fuel economy, unlike the box-style conventional alternatives. It is no surprise that they were rated the safest recreation vehicles in 2016.

2. Jayco

Those who are familiar with the brand know that Jayco, Inc. produces several automotive products ranging from luxurious motorhomes to popup trailers. And although they manufactured their first full-fledged recreational vehicle in 1968, it is only in the late 2000s that they grew to become one of the top bestselling recreational vehicles in the industry. The excellent safety rating of Jayco recreational trailers is one of the reasons behind their unparalleled popularity in 2016.

3. Newmar Travel Trailers

Newmar is a family-owned recreational vehicle brand based in Indian, USA. The founders of this brand, who take a lot of pride in their flawless Amish workmanship, have built some of the safest travel coaches in the world. Last year, their travel coaches were voted among the most comfortable, feature-rich and safe trailers of 2016.

4. Fleetwood

Fleetwood has been building regular homes and RVs in the US for the past 30 years. And so it is only expected that their travel coaches featured among the top recreational vehicles of 2016 in a majority of automotive blogs. In fact, there are considered one of the top manufacturers of the best Class C and Class A RVs in the world. It is also worth noting that this company has one of the best and longest distribution networks in the recreational vehicle industry.

5. Casita Travel Trailers

Casita Campers have been producing RVs since 1983, and last year they were recognized as one of the top manufacturers of the safest and most comfortable trailers of the year. This can be attributed to the prestigious workmanship and construction prowess that the brand showcases. Like most creme’ de la creme’ trailer producers, Casita offers a couple of top-of-the-line trim models for their luxury recreational vehicles. One of them, the Freedom Deluxe, was voted America’s favorite travel and picnic trailers of the new millennium.

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