Day: August 13, 2019

Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Every company is required by federal law to provide a working environment that is free from health and safety hazards. The department of OSHA oversees the compliance of companies with these regulations, but accidents still occur on many job sites. For this reason, and to obey state law, company’s also proved employee benefits that deal with injuries. The workmans comp Oregon law requires a company to address each employee incident with an any injury or illness that occurs in relation to employment activity.

Be in the Know

Accidents can happen even with the best training and the most careful employees. Knowing how to address the incident, file a claim, and return to work are things that both employer and employee should be on the same page about. Here are some of the commonly asked questions concerning workmans comp procedures.

1. What happens if I don’t

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