Month: December 2019

How To Use a GPS

Maps help you get from one place to the other but they can be bulky to use. You can purchase a GPS unit to give you directions instead. Most cell phones come with this directional system installed automatically. Here is how to work a GPS system.

Find Your Coordinates

When you are ready to plot your trip, like from galveston to houston texas, you will need to turn on your system so that a satellite can find it. If you are using your phone, tap the map application you wish to use. Once it is ready to go, choose which method of travel you are planning to use. The machine will need it to determine the best route to put you on. If you get more than one option, choose the one that you are more comfortable taking. If you plan to come back this way, follow the directions that come with your unit or phone to save the address.

Enter the Information

Find the address you wish to go to. Enter that information into the GPS as accurately as you can. On many systems, streets and cities will auto-populate when the unit gets enough information from you. Be sure that you consider which option it gives you before you select it. If the GPS has issues finding the spot, double check the house number and spelling of the street to verify its accuracy. Once the address is set, hit the button for it to go. Double check that the volume is up on the speaker or it is connected to your Bluetooth so you can listen to the directions. Listen carefully to what you are told to do so that you get to your destination safely and quickly. If you do stray off the course, the GPS will redirect itself and give you a new set of coordinates to follow until you get there.

4 Great Reasons to Repaint Your Car

If you’ve ever been out for a drive and seen a car color you absolutely adore, it can have you wishing your own car color were different. Some people actually take this desire to the next level and repaint their vehicle. If you’re tossing it around, here are four instances when it makes perfect sense to repaint your auto.

Your Car Is a Keeper

If you have a car that you plan on keeping for years to come, it may be a good candidate for a paint job. This might include an antique that you’d like to restore to its former glory, or one you’re keeping for sentimental reasons to pass on to children.

Hail Damage

If you’ve had the misfortune of large scale hail damage to your car, repairing and repainting makes sense. Although seeing this type of damage can be upsetting, be sure to look for reputable hail storm repair Lakewood CO to ensure your pride and glory is brought back to its original state.

You’re Rebuilding a Vehicle

If you’ve taken on the gratifying project of rebuilding a vehicle, then repainting it is a must. In this circumstance, you can get creative with almost any color you like and even add flashy details. The beauty of these cars is that you can paint them before installing the interior, making the job much easier.

To Increase the Value

Sometimes people just want to change a car’s color to update it and make it look more modern. If the vehicle is in otherwise good condition, a new coat of paint may actually add to the value.

Amazing Results

There are several situations that can warrant a new paint job or new color for your automobile. If you’re ready to take the time needed, you’ll be very impressed with the results, and your car will look sparkling new again.