May 19, 2024

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2020 Corvette May Already Have A Design Flaw

Lewis discovered that one particular of the screws keeping the interior tire liner in position seems to adhere out much too far. In accomplishing so, when one particular opens the doorway all the way, the finish of the screw truly hits the doorway. This explains the ding and paint chip. Lewis took some images of this which we can test out below. Lewis claims to have only observed this small chip adhering to an oil transform after the 1st 500 miles, so possibilities are the chip happened sometime after the expected crack-in period of time. But is Lewis’s predicament special? Could it only have an impact on his car? His original submit was examine by a fellow new C8 owner, contacting himself “Chucky,” who claims to have the very same issue.

Lewis has presently notified his neighborhood Chevy dealership about the issue.

CarBuzz also arrived at out to GM and spokesperson Kevin Kelley informed us the adhering to:

“We are aware of the issue that has been described by a few consumers and are doing work with them and their dealers to have the issue fixed as shortly as attainable in the present ecosystem.”