2020 Tesla Model S Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos

Few cars are as sizeable as the Tesla Model S hatchback. The venerable Tesla model

Few cars are as sizeable as the Tesla Model S hatchback. The venerable Tesla model did not just progress electric powered cars, it also propelled electric powered cars earlier currently being a shrugged-off science experiment. After the Model S passes into historical past, its title will rightly sign up for the ranks of other seminal automobiles that substantially and permanently altered the automotive landscape. 

But that working day is nonetheless someplace in the foreseeable future. For now, the 2020 Model S carries on to be produced at Tesla’s property turf in California and features the very best general performance in the lineup. We give the most recent Tesla Model S a eight.two out of ten all round for its performance, general performance, and model. (Go through extra about how we price cars.)

This 12 months is the ninth model 12 months for Tesla’s superstar sedan, not that it demonstrates its age. The Model S’s straightforward but alluring design has aged remarkably very well. The hatchback body model stirs in a stage of practicality which is surprising from with one thing this fashionable. 

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The general performance below is astounding: -60 mph takes place as speedy as two.four seconds if you activate the Ludicrous Method element, which is now incorporated as standard on the Efficiency-trim Model S. 

The standard Model S set up is the Prolonged Array model, which will get a 100-kwh battery pack and a 373-mile range. Efficiency types get the very same battery but eliminate 25 miles of range in pursuit of pace. All-wheel travel is standard on every single Model S.

The inside of any Tesla is minimalist. The Model S cabin’s dominant element is its seventeen-inch touchscreen, which is an all-encompassing affair that skips most buttons. Rather a great deal every single handle is bundled into the Tesla’s dash pill. Unlike the Model 3, the Model S does keep a classic gauge cluster, but there’s nothing at all pointless within the cabin of the Model S.

If you’re concerned about road-tripping in an electric car, Tesla’s rapidly-charging Supercharger network must put you at ease. Below in the U.S., their charging stations can be located together most significant highways in the lessen 48 states. Adhere to the interstates and you are going to have no concern driving from Connecticut to California. 

Charging times are speedy and are only heading to get more rapidly as Tesla updates their infrastructure. On a rapidly-charger, the Model S can recharge about one hundred thirty miles of range in fifteen minutes—or a lot less than an hour for up to 80 %. 

The Model S expenses about $80,000 for a Prolonged Array model and goes up to about $107,000 for a Efficiency model with Autopilot included. Which is just before any relevant point out tax breaks Tesla’s federal tax credit history expired at the beginning of 2020.