Month: October 2020

Five health hazards of working with automobiles

Do you want to know the health risks associated with a career as an auto mechanic, inspector, or technician?

The following are five hazards associated with working with cars, although these are only a few examples.  

Electrical injury

One danger auto mechanics are exposed to comes from contact with an exposed electrical circuit.  Depending on the circumstances, this can result in burns, electric shocks, or death by electrocution.  When a worker comes into contact with a current, it can cause muscle spasms, lung collapse, and damage to the eyes and ears.  Because of this, technicians must be careful when working with electrical components.  

Compressed air

Compressed air is often used in the auto industry, but it can cause injury if not used properly.  

When compressed air is shot at a surface to clean it, it can dislodge particles that can enter the eye, nose, or ear at high speeds, causing

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