Day: August 27, 2021

Callaway Teases Its Tweaked C8 Corvette Ahead Of Imminent Debut

Lots of aftermarket organizations have stepped in to incorporate anything additional to the Chevrolet Corvette above the a long time, but handful of have the history of Callaway Cars. We have found new Camaros and even a Silverado pickup from Callaway, but the prestigious tuner’s attention lastly turns to the mid-motor C8 Corvette.

There’s nonetheless substantially we don’t know about the latest Callaway Corvette. The car was announced via social media with three teaser images, displaying a C8 sketch with Callaway’s exterior updates highlighted. The entire body package appears to be like modest sufficient, with a lip spoiler and rocker panels not shaking up the current formula also substantially. It really is pretty distinctive at the rear, nonetheless, with a wholly new fascia that moves the exhaust tips to the heart. Perched previously mentioned it all is a thoroughly significant spoiler, and a new set of 9-spoke wheels relaxation at

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