Day: June 8, 2022

How expensive are electric cars in Australia, compared to the world?

Thought electric cars were expensive in Australia? A comparison of Tesla prices across the globe suggests we might not be getting such a bad deal.

It’s no secret electric cars are still expensive in Australia, with the country’s cheapest EV costing nearly 60 per cent more than its petrol-powered equivalent.

But compared to the rest of the world, are electric cars in Australia – in relative terms – affordable?

As data has shown, the adage that “cars are so expensive here” isn’t necessary valid – and aside from Luxury Car Tax, taxes on ‘cheaper’ electric vehicles in Australia are relatively tame.

To find out, we compared the price of two variants of a Tesla Model 3 – the base rear-wheel-drive model, and the flagship Performance – in 10 countries, with two figures for each: before and after taxes, on-road costs and incentives. GST/VAT is included in

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