Day: June 24, 2022

Theme Tuesdays: Minitruck Inspired Cars

You guys already know that I am a sucker for both minitrucks and nostalgia.

So when a thread calling for minitruck inspired cars appeared in the Minitruckin, Where Are They Now? Facebook group I had save a few photos for those of you who are not a member, or have steered away from social media entirely.

It’s worth noting, when I say minitruck inspired, I mean wild paint, billets, speakers shaved everything and of course a slammed stance.

All the glorious original Minitruck styling vibes.

Tenth Generation Thunderbirds were a staple spotted vehicle of my youth
As were Plymouth Sundance/Dodge Shadows modified ones on Lexanis were quite rare of course..
Also can’t forget Ford Escort GTs, which I have no problem admitting I used to like quite a bit in the right hands
This Aerostar is mental, peel the folding… back body?
Amigos were a vehicle I never saw much
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