8 Tips How to Buy a New Car

Rodolfo Schellin

Many people dream of buying a car. Because the car is a secondary requirement which will facilitate transport and increase the degree of a person in the eyes of society. There are so many people who buy a car just for show alone. In fact, their transportation needs are met by the presence of a motorcycle that has a sale price is cheaper. Therefore, many people who did not hesitate to buy a car on credit.

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so that the heart can feel at ease when in credit debt overload. Moreover, the cost of car loans could reach millions of rupiah, depending on the type of car purchased.

How to buy a new car on credit is the second choice after buying a car in cash or cash. But many people who buy a car in cash trouble, because the price of the car is actually very expensive.

  1. Look Product Information Before Bought

How to Buy a Car The first is, you must first understand the specifications of the car you purchased. Although there are salesmen who explains the specifications and features of the car when we come to the dealership, but usually salesmen still superficial knowledge, and do not know the full specifications of the engine, suspension, and features on the exterior and interior. So better you look for as much information on the type of car you want to buy, so there will be no regrets when it was bought.

  1. Define Budget (money / cost)

With the money we have, we can buy a suitable car dream. But for those who have a limited budget, you better buy a car that is not expensive. Moreover, many cars are cheap, which features a very complete, and equipped with a powerful engine. But all of them back again to your budget in buying a car. The more money you have, of course you can bring high-quality car. Well most importantly do not exceed the budget to buy a car, because there are many other uses after buying a car.

  1. Consider the Cost of Loan Installment

If the money is insufficient to buy in cash, then you can consider buying on credit. As we say above, you should consider the cost of credit each month. Do not get a larger stake than the pole, so that you will have trouble when the installments every month. Usually the dealers provide some finance options that offer credit costs vary. Well you better find the cheapest and do not forget to have a reputable finance. Obviously you do not want being chased by debt collectors for having to pay installments.

  1. Consider Selling Price Return

Do not be sorry if the resale price of our car down drastically. Therefore, you must consider the brand and type of car you buy. Because the more people trust the quality of Japanese cars, so the resale price of cars from Korea, Europe, etc., can fall dramatically. Actually, the quality of each type of car as good, because it has gone through various processes to meet the quality standard of the factory. But the pattern is difficult to change society, so it is better to buy a Japanese car that has been entrusted by the public quality.

  1. Refer a Friend Who Got Car

Tips on buying a car is very important for those of you who want to look for a used car. Better you invite friends who understand the car’s engine, so it can perform health checks on the machine, or features that are built in, because not all large cars have top condition. Even a lot of used cars flooding will automatically affect engine performance. Additionally, you are obliged to ask a friend to check the legs and suspension, so that the used car you could buy still feels comfortable like driving a new car.

  1. Calculate the Cost of Care and Service

Either new or used car, of course, need regular maintenance in order to keep excellent condition and comfortable to wear every day. Do not let you buy a car hobby and out of the garage, because it would drain the pockets each month. Therefore, you must take into consideration the cost of car care and maintenance costs. In addition, you should choose a car brand that has a network of service uneven, making it easier to care if there is damage and replacement of components.

7 Select Type of Material

In addition to the above way of buying a car, you also have to consider the type of fuel used. If you want to keep costs of fuel, then you can buy diesel cars that use diesel fuel. The price of diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline, so as to save costs.

  1. Select Car As Needed

There are many kinds and types of cars. But the average is divided into two categories therein has two rows of seats and three rows of seats. For those of you who are looking for a family car, would prefer to buy a car three rows of seats, as able to carry seven passengers directly, so that more family members who can be invited to travel.

If possible, you must do a test drive. This is very important so you can find the comfort of a car before purchase. Especially when you buy a used car that often we have some damage that can not be us know if have not tried it directly. Now that’s 8 tips and how to buy a new car in cash or credit. The above tips can be a reference before you buy a new car, so you do not be fooled when buying.

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