June 22, 2024

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An electric future for the Kia Stinger? | Car News

Is an electric long term in the cards for the Kia Stinger? This car with incredible traits and substantially acclaim to its credit has but to discover a household between individuals, lots of of whom, as we know, have departed for SUV-land.

Its quite long term has even been questioned more than the moment in recent months, even even though its arrival on the marketplace is quite recent (2018).  

That is why electrification may possibly be the way of the long term. In the course of an job interview carried out by Leading Gear with Kia’s structure director, Karim Habib, we uncovered that a mid-cycle refresh is planned for the product, but also how the business envisions its long term.  

In essence, Habib claimed he hopes that the spirit of the Stinger will be preserved all through the evolution of the Kia brand, but also acknowledged that as “the technology goes towards EVs and as the globe and its hunger for these forms of cars variations, the thought most likely has to evolve as well.”

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Kia Stinger, name

Is this an sign that the Stinger might sooner or later go electrified? It remains to be viewed, but we should not be shocked.

Kia has now announced its intention to start 11 new electric vehicles worldwide by 2025, some of which will be geared up with an 800-volt technique for ultra-quickly recharging. A system specifically designed for electric merchandise is to be made in partnership with Hyundai and will be capable to accommodate more substantial and more potent models than the Soul EV or Niro EV, Kia’s two current offerings in this subject.

This definitely opens the door to the likelihood of an electric Stinger or very similar sedan. Karim Habib also alluded to the need to have to retain the car’s sporty, sculpted (and cost-effective) styling, even if the title itself had been to vanish from the brand’s catalogue.

Kia Stinger, three-quarters rear

Kia Stinger, 3-quarters rear

It is clear as well that an electric Stinger would be more capable than the current base product, which is geared up with a 255-hp, two.0L four-cylinder turbocharged motor. In fact, its performance would most likely method that of the 365 hp supplied by the twin-turbo V6. In terms of vary, Kia is also working on a battery technology that promises a vary of close to five hundred km.

In the meantime, the Stinger’s interior and exterior styling will be modernized, and speculation is that the ability of the two accessible engines will also be revised upwards.

Kia Stinger, trunk open