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Rodolfo Schellin

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AUDI statements it invented the “Premium Compact Substantial-Overall performance SUV” market with its initially-at any time RS Q3, which released in Australia back in early 2014. And there’s no doubting the accomplishment of this performance flagship, viewing all around five hundred of them identified houses below about the following five years. 


But the aged RS Q3 was never ever really all it could be. Driving on a circa-2003 platform (the PQ35, a la Golf Mk5/6) with an oddly undersized system and an unquestionably oversized engine (Audi’s 2480cc iron-block five-cylinder), the primary RS Q3’s equilibrium of powers did not really unite to type a strong party. 


But 2nd time all around, the new-technology RS Q3 understands specifically what it demands to be – as sensible as any SUV within just earshot of its size and value, backed by not only bahn-storming performance but also reducing-edge dynamics and a regular devices checklist with more highlights than a Schitt’s Creek exhibit-reel. 


All for a value which is only marginally northwards of what a 2014 RS Q3 value when new.


In quickly SUV phrases, it not only sounds promising, it is promising. 

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