‘Audis, BMWs and Mercs are now as common as muck’

Fed up with as soon as uncommon, now “common as muck” cars that unquestionably everybody drives these days? Searching for a little something less mainstream and apparent, a tad far more distinct and unique – the form of car that’ll probably be the only 1 in your road, if not your full village or city?  

Ordinarily, cars and makes that are not the norm but are unusual (Astons, Bentleys, Ferraris, McLarens and the like) really don’t appear low-cost and can be hard to purchase. But these are not typical times. We no extended know what regular is. And that’s why some beautiful, slender-on-the-floor new cars now have affordability, rarity and accessibility prepared all about them.

It is like this: only 7 production tremendous-teams primarily based in just four nations around the world (Germany, Japan, France and Korea) ended up accountable for all over 8 in every single 10 new-car profits in Britain previous year. Pretty much a quarter of all those have been from VW-Audi (such as SEATs and Skodas). Future in the super-team gross sales league were being Stellantis (Peugeot, Fiat, Vauxhall and so on), BMW-Mini, Hyundai-Kia, Toyota-Lexus, Nissan-Renault (with a dab of Dacia), and Mercedes-Good. 

Ford is the only truly solo act that even now does alright in this article – although nowhere around as perfectly as right before, offered that the Blue Oval plummeted from No.1 to No.4 vendor in general final year, losing the sector-chief crown it’s worn for a long time. A different standalone firm is Tesla, which keeps its British isles income figures to by itself, although they will have to be healthy, for the reason that the Design 3 was Britain’s next best-promoting car in 2021, and for that reason considerably far more prevalent than, for illustration, the Toyota Yaris. Unbloodybelievable.  

So a great deal for the colossal European and Asian super-groups, the massive North American-based mostly companies, and the cars they collectively pile substantial and dominate the United kingdom sector with to these an extent that some of the lonely, little outfits who sell in significantly lesser volumes were almost annihilated final 12 months. Just about, but not fairly, thankfully. 

The worldwide mini-team that is JLR now accounts for only 4 in each individual 100 new cars bought in the Uk. For Volvo-Polestar it’s 3 for each 100. Subsequent occur the modest but however interesting and independent (form of) corporations this kind of as Honda, Suzuki and Mazda (the two recently aided by Toyota), SsangYong and MG (with assist from SAIC). These modest, proficient, usually neglected next or third-tier Japanese, Korean, and British/Chinese firms build very good
– occasionally very superior – mainly economical cars that now sell in such reduced figures that they’re massively extra scarce and a lot more exclusive than these usually far more costly, now “common as muck” VWs, Audis, BMWs and Mercs and the like. 

At the other finish of the scale are several designs that ooze rarity – and, in convert, exclusivity – for the reason that only hundreds are offered every year. Some (from Alpine, Bentley and Maserati) are expensive other individuals (Alfas and Subarus) are not. 

And for all those dare-to-be-distinct motorists after an affordable(ish) new car with the rarest of badges, feel newcomer Genesis. Just 127 ended up sold in this article in 2021. Currently, these issues are so scarce they make Porsches (13,702 United kingdom sales past 12 months) glance common.

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