Coletta Tolan

2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire facelift review, test drive

Ever performed ‘spot the difference’ with a facelifted car? Of system, you have. “Is that a new bumper? Have the lights improved?”… it is really truly difficult to explain to at periods. But you will find no these types of difficulty listed here – Maruti Suzuki’s 2020 Dzire is a car that looks very different, even at a mere glance.

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Most style and design improvements on the 2020 Dzire are concentrated on the nose.


In location of the narrow chrome grille now sits a tall Audi-like, single-frame hexagonal ‘Bulgarian beard’. The range plate is now included into the grille, the fogs get additional matte black all over them, and there are chrome ‘brackets’ beneath the chin. So the nose of the new Maruti Dzire looks very different. There usually are not any other important improvements produced to the rest of the car, and that is a bit odd.

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This reduced-spec

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