Best-selling cars in the UK 2020

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At any time puzzled what the very best-promoting car in the British isles is? Well, the Modern society of Suppliers and Traders (SMMT) has all the solutions and down below we’ve obtained the most recent information of the major 10 cars that have registered the most units in the British isles for 2020 to date.

The SMMT has just uncovered the major 10 very best promoting cars for July 2020 and the Vauxhall Corsa has taken major location. Vauxhall’s at any time-well-known hatchback managed 5,455 profits to protected 1st location in July and that is more than enough to see it increase to third place for the calendar year so significantly. 

Coming in at second for July is the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta’s full of 5,421 for the thirty day period is a massive leap on the 790 it managed in May and a respectable boost above the four,386 it managed in June, signalling a return to variety for the wider new car current market as car dealers when all over again open up dealerships.

The Ford Concentrate is never significantly from the major of the major of the very best sellers record and it sat third for July with four,981 units bought, assisting it keep 2nd location for the calendar year so significantly.

Total new car profits were being actually up 11.3 per cent in July compared to July 2019, with petrol cars up .3 for each cent and diesel cars down 25.9 per cent. Plug-in hybrid cars were being up 320.3 for each cent in July and electrified vehicles as a total were being up 259.four for each cent.

Scroll down down below to see the total major 10 record of the very best-promoting cars in the British isles in 2020… 

Leading ten very best-promoting cars 2020

1. Ford Fiesta  – 26,519 registrations

The Ford Fiesta dropped exterior the major ten in April with just 55 units and had a bad May with just 760 profits, but Britain’s very best-promoting car is returning to variety as dealers begin to reopen as it designed 5,421 sales using it to second place for July.

two. Ford Concentrate – 23,126 registrations

The Ford Concentrate jumped up a location to 2nd in June 2020 and stays there for July. A bad May failed to impact it is really placement on the overall chart also a great deal, even with it only controlling 502 profits. four,981 registrations in July comfortably beats its course rival, the Volkswagen Golfing. 

3. Vauxhall Corsa – 23,101 registrations

The Vauxhall Corsa was the UK’s fourth very best-promoting car in 2019 and it is really doing 1 greater so significantly in 2020. A 1st location in June and July has served solidify is placement for the calendar year with 5,455 sold in July. A new electric e-Corsa will assistance bump up quantities as EVs carry on to improve in popularity.

four. Volkswagen Golfing – 21,825 registrations

2019’s 2nd very best-promoting car is recovering from bad lockdown profits, whilst a sixth location finish for June 2020 and a fourth location in July indicates it is really not recovering as fast as others. The Volkswagen Golf drops at the rear of the Ford Concentrate for the calendar year so significantly but remains a respectable fourth.

5. Nissan Qashqai – seventeen,777 registrations

The Qashqai had a strong begin to 2020 with four,608 registrations in January but lockdown followed the normal variety for the industry – only forty nine Qashqai’s were being bought in April. The Qashqai returned to variety in July with two,971 units bought, consolidating its fifth placement for the calendar year so significantly. 

six. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – seventeen,648 registrations

Prior to lockdown, the A-Class sold well thanks to its high quality picture and aggressive finance offers from Mercedes. The A-Class arrived fifth past calendar year with 53,724 registrations and sits in sixth location so significantly this calendar year. Mercedes bought 3,922 A-Class’ in July – the fifth very best-promoting car for July, assisting the hatch preserve its sixth location overall.

seven. MINI – 15,146 registrations

The MINI has had a strong 2020, but it also succumbed to the problems of lockdown – only 22 MINI Coopers were being bought in April and it dropped out of the major ten for May. June noticed the MINI execute a great deal greater with 3,four hundred units bought it arrived fifth for the thirty day period. July noticed a drop with only two,906 registrations. A new all-electric design ought to assistance increase the car’s popularity with emission-mindful potential buyers.

eight. Volkswagen Polo – 13,046 registrations

The sixth-generation Volkswagen Polo clinched ninth location in 2019 with 37,453 registrations. It only managed seven registrations for April and remained exterior the major ten for May. The Polo just skipped out on the major ten for June with two,469 but the German supermini done greater in July with two,932 registrations.

nine. Volkswagen Tiguan – twelve,822 registrations

The Volkswagen Tiguan emerges into the major ten for the calendar year thanks to a strong demonstrating in July with two,880 cars bought for the thirty day period. The Tiguan is at this time the 2nd very best-promoting SUV for 2020 so significantly after the Qashqai. 

10. Toyota Yaris – twelve,676 registrations

The Toyota Yaris had a healthy third location for June with four,two hundred Yaris’ bought in the thirty day period. July was less variety to the Japanese supermini as its dropped out of the major ten very best sellers, but it continues to be in tenth location for the calendar year. The release of new design this calendar year ought to assistance the Yaris surge further more up the very best-sellers record.

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