July 14, 2024

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BMW expands recall of motorcycle jackets due to Chromium VI

BMW is expanding a European recall of branded motorcycle jackets because of to probable chromium VI contamination, the business declared Thursday. The preliminary recall included only medium-sized jackets as of today, all dimensions and kinds are now aspect of the campaign. 

“In the pursuits of because of diligence and in purchase to get rid of the threat of greater chromium exposure for our clients, BMW Motorrad has decided to recall the comprehensive output of the afflicted jacket all over Europe,” the business claimed in its most current announcement. 

Chromium salts are made use of in the procedure of tanning hides into client-quality leather, but mainly because chromium VI can lead to call dermatitis (an allergic pores and skin response), it is not made use of in fashionable leather output.

Chromium VI can be introduced through the procedure by means of contamination of the salt combination or, under some circumstances, can be produced by reactions amongst different additives and/or organic compounds in the concluded leather alone. 

“The Administrative Authority refers to a random check done on the over-mentioned articles or blog posts of a provider by the Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Rhein-Ruhr-Wupper (Rhine-Ruhr-Wupper Veterinary Inspection Workplace), which allegedly detected chromium VI over the lawfully standardized restrict,” BMW claimed when the authentic recall program was declared. 

The authentic campaign included the Club Leather-based Men’s Jacket sizing M (aspect number 76129899222) and the DownTown glove (aspect number 76218560843 to 76218560849) in Europe.

“We regret any inconvenience prompted to our clients,” BMW claimed. “We routinely check the leather life-style goods we provide for chrome VI and have not detected any abnormalities to day.”

Consumers can trade their products (regardless of age) for equivalent BMW Motorrad gear at any authorized retailer.