Car Wage Packaging – Fact Lies and Tax Deductions

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 Car Wage Packaging can conserve some Australians 1000’s of dollars a 12 months. Nevertheless, as most advice supplied concerning car wage packaging is not correct, some men and women proceed with car wage packaging even nevertheless it is of  no benefit to them.

This short article will assist you distinguish among correct tax advice and deceptive marketing and advertising fluff, and assist you make the proper conclusion about how to composition your up coming motor car invest in.

I am absolutely sure by the conclusion you will concur that tax advice ought to only be supplied by tax advisers.

 What is Car Wage Packaging?

Automobile wage packaging is exactly where you direct your employer to fork out car fees on your behalf, as an alternative of paying wages into your bank account right after deducting tax.

 It normally operates exactly where your employer will make payments on a novated lease. A novated lease will normally involve both the car funding and running fees of the car. In other phrases, your car expenditures are paid by your employer and deducted from your fork out.

 In specific instances a tax benefit can crop up exactly where the tax payable on the packaged car payments is fewer than the tax payable on the wage payments.

 Will all people benefit from Car Wage Packaging?

 Not all people will benefit from car wage packaging.

 The taxation final result of car wage packaging is dependent on a quantity of variables like wage, price tag of car, style of employer, kilometres travelled and importantly Business Utilization.

 Unfortunately, most paperwork that I have found noticeably overstate the taxation added benefits of wage packaging a car due to inaccurate examination.

 What is even additional disturbing is that the house owners of the leasing and motor car companies know that their paperwork noticeably overstate the taxation added benefits of Wage Packaging a car – and they nevertheless carry on to use them as a marketing and advertising software to sell leases and vehicles.

 If you are looking through a doc that is projecting a taxation conserving, and the doc contains a disclaimer with phrases to the result of ‘Our employees/firm are not certified/certified to give taxation advice. For Taxation advice make sure you see your accountant’ – alarm bells ought to start ringing! An case in point disclaimer from a person of Australia’s major wage packaging advisory companies’ web sites:

 “Notes & disclaimers

  • The (I have removed the firm title as my authorized advisors are previously overworked) calculator is only built to give an estimate of the personal savings you may perhaps achieve and is not supposed as a alternative for qualified advice. It is suggested that you seek qualified money advice just before creating any selections concerning your wage deal.
  • All calculations are based on own earnings tax rates and thresholds for the 2009/10 money 12 months.”

  Example of no taxation benefit

 There are a lot of cases when car wage packaging will create a taxation benefit.

 There are just as a lot of cases when car wage packaging will not create any taxation benefit!

 I once acted for a client who brought me a doc suggesting that he would conserve close to $10,000 for every 12 months wage packaging a car. He was a sales rep leasing a 4wd car. When I set his distinctive instances into our firm’s application, it explained to me he would acquire no taxation benefit from car wage packaging.

 This bought my interest and instantly I assumed that our calculator was incorrect. Following assembly with the proprietor of the leasing enterprise who issued the doc to our client (the proprietor of the leasing enterprise was not incompetent when it came to tax, his track record was as a tax adviser). In the course of our assembly it grew to become obvious that our calculators had been calculating unique points for the reason that we experienced unique needs.

 Our calculator was built to advise a client as to irrespective of whether they would acquire a taxation benefit from wage packaging a car… or not.

 Their calculator was built only to assist sell cars. It did not contemplate the taxation deduction that our client could previously acquire through his tax return!

 Automobile Wage Packaging vs Motor Auto Allowance

 To properly calculate the taxation benefit of car wage packaging, it is important to contemplate any tax deduction that you would previously be entitled to assert in your tax return.

 In your tax return you can assert up to 5000 kms of vacation, with out a logbook (it does need to be legitimate enterprise connected vacation). Nevertheless, if you manage a log e book you are in a position to assert the enterprise proportion of your true car fees.

 Employers are in a position to reimburse their staff members for motor car fees that relate to enterprise usage by paying staff members a motor car allowance. This allowance is successfully earnings to the staff in their tax return.

 An staff can then assert a tax deduction for their essentially enterprise motor car fees in their tax return, pursuant to taxation regulation.

 You can not assert motor car fees in your earnings tax return if you wage deal the car. Hence, this quantity ought to be deducted from the projected tax conserving for car wage packaging. It almost never is.

 Question the proper problem or get the mistaken remedy

 The problem to inquire when considering car wage packaging is not “in isolation how considerably tax will a distinct process of wage packaging conserve me?”

 That what most deceptive wage packaging estimates task.

 The right problem is, “What is the tax benefit of wage packaging, as opposed to any other possibility out there to me, like claiming my car fees in my tax return?”.

 That is not the problem being answered by most wage packaging marketing and advertising companies.

 The desk down below is taken from a person of Australia’s major wage packaging advisory website’s online calculators.

Savings – Novated lease Devoid of Wage Packaging

Annual gross wage

$seventy five,000.00

Taxable earnings

$seventy five,000.00

Considerably less PAYG tax


Considerably less Medicare Levy

-$one,one hundred twenty five.00

Consider-residence fork out

$fifty seven,525.00

Auto Lease Cost (Following Tax)


Disposable earnings


With Wage Packaging

Annual gross wage

$seventy five,000.00

Auto Bundle Cost(Before Tax)


Taxable earnings


Considerably less PAYG tax


Considerably less Medicare levy


Consider-residence fork out


Auto Bundle Cost (Following Tax)


Disposable earnings

$forty three,656.eighty three

Your Wage Packaging Benefit

Your conserving off the Motor Auto Lease by Wage Packaging is:


{5ac0696a5d6b86624174250b289a9e834777577170689bbea019e466bd2df039} Raise in your equal wage packaging:


This site has recommended me that I could conserve $five,436.95 in tax by buying a new car through them.

 Sound as well great to be true?

 It is most likely.

 The site did not inquire me if I experienced any enterprise use for the car. If I did, I would be entitled to a tax deductio
n for that usage only if I do not wage deal it through a novated lease. Hence, if I experienced any enterprise usage, the conserving projected is overstated. There are most likely other elements that would affect the final result as well.

 To give right examination, you need to contemplate the distinctive instances of the personal.

 You also need to remedy the proper problem – what is the Benefit of Wage Packaging?

 What information do you need to accurately analyse car wage packaging?

  • Taxable Profits eg earnings right after all tax deductions, wage packaging into Tremendous and many others
  • Employers FBT Position
  • Cost of the car
  • GST on car
  • Functioning expenditures of car
  • Petrol
  • Insurance policies
  • Repairs & Routine maintenance
  • Rego
  • Finance expenditures for novated lease (payment, time period, residual, interest rate)
  • Charges related with the novated lease
  • Finance price tag of different finance (get car mortgage interest price tag)
  • Overall Kilometres
  • Business Kilometres

 It is not feasible to give correct advice by simply just inquiring for: yearly gross wage, style of car, point out, distance travelled and a lease interval.

 This examination is complicated, and it is based mostly on estimates. If the true change – the tax place may perhaps change. There are various approaches for claiming fees in your tax return, as well as various approaches to calculate fringe added benefits tax which may differ dependent on the client’s instances.

 To give correct advice, you need the whole picture and correct calculator to assist you.

 That’s why it really is worth expending (say) $a hundred and eighty to see an accountant, instead than relying on totally free advice being supplied by an individual who is making an attempt to sell you finance and a car.

 New Wage Packaged Auto vs. Maintaining existing car

On a lot of situations I have been requested by customers to compare the price tag right after entirely accounting for the taxation place of maintaining an existing car/acquiring a second hand car and wage packaging a new car.

 The reality is, there are no taxation miracles. Consider you are comparing wage packaging a car which will price tag $20,000 to operate for the 12 months, with a car that you previously possess that will only price tag $five,000 to operate for the 12 months.

 I can not assume of any circumstance exactly where you will get a tax benefit that will exceed the out of pocket price tag variance among the two vehicles.

 While something is feasible, it is incredibly not likely that the out of pocket price tag of a new car is likely to be fewer than the price tag of maintaining your existing car.


Most advice being dispersed concerning car wage packaging is marketing and advertising fluff and not worth the paper it really is prepared on.

 In my perspective, most of the advertising for wage packaged vehicles is so deceptive and deceptive it warrants prosecution from the section of good investing. But in fact, compared with faulty products, the consumer of wage deal advice will normally not realise that they have been mislead into buying a wage packaged car which does not create them any taxation conserving at all.

 If you want to make a wise conclusion, read through the disclaimer and get tax advice from a certified accountant just before you proceed with car wage packaging… and you should not signal something until eventually you do!

 While this short article has highlighted the inaccuracy of most wage packaging advice, there are a lot of Australians who can acquire a tax benefit from wage packaging! Illustrations include men and women with low enterprise usage and large salaries buying reasonably priced cars which vacation large kilometres, and staff members of organisations that get pleasure from minimized FBT rates.

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