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Porsche Boxster Without Body Panels, Windshield Is A Rare Sight

Commonly talking, there are two principal strategies to enhance the dynamic functionality of a car. You can both minimize the body weight or increase the electrical power output. Of training course, it is often greatest to blend these two measures but that is not often probable. In situations exactly where updates to the powertrain are far too expensive or far too time-consuming, the least difficult thing to do is to strip out the interior of a car.

That is particularly what the folks from the Casey Putsch channel on YouTube did with their 2007 Porsche Boxster S. Ahead of the start out of the method, the staff weighs the car in its stock sort and the scales present particularly 3,123 lbs . (1,416 kilograms). In the video at the leading of this web site, you can look at out the precise body weight distribution involving the 4 wheels.


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