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Porsche Boxster Shooting Brake Is Very Real and Very Cool

One particular of the auto enthusiast’s most loved varieties of vehicles is the shooting brake, in a position to transition from sporty two-door coupe to realistic station wagon relying on the predicament. A team of university student engineers sought to generate a Porsche Boxster shooting brake from a to start with-generation example, codenamed 986, and the stop consequence is magnificent.

Discovered by way of The Drive, this 986 Boxster is the brainchild of Erik Groenendijk de Laat, a docent of automotive engineering at the Fontys Hogeschool. Fontys is a university in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and the instructor reached out to Van Thull Enhancement to support university college students style and design and engineer the Boxster shooting brake.

Van Thull supervised and assisted four college students – Dennis, Yori, Thom, and Bram – through the style and design and engineering process. Notably, prior to starting the task, none of the college students

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