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Consumers on the fence about EVs, J.D. Power says

More than half of prospective vehicle buyers or lessees are undecided about choosing a battery-electric vehicle, an inaugural study by J.D. Power shows.

Fifty-nine percent of new-vehicle shoppers are “somewhat likely” or “somewhat unlikely” to consider a BEV for their next purchase or lease, according to J.D. Power’s new U.S. Electric Vehicle Consideration Study.

The study, released Thursday, surveyed more than 9,000 U.S. vehicle shoppers from December 2020 to January 2021 who intend to purchase or lease within 12 months.

This consumer indecisiveness is an opportunity for automakers to sell potential buyers on the idea of an EV. But until that happens, it also could create a temporary surplus in EV inventory as the lineup expands, J.D. Power said.

Of survey respondents who have owned or leased a BEV before, 46 percent say they are “very likely” to consider another. Six percent are “very unlikely” to consider one as their

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