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5 Hacks to Best Car Insurance



Looking for online car insurance quotes? Or have you decided to buy a car insurance policy online? Here are 5 hacks to best car insurance.

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act has made it compulsory for every car owner to have a valid insurance policy for their vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you own a two-wheeler, car or any big commercial or passenger vehicle; an insurance policy is a must to drive your vehicle on the road. You can choose either a third-party or comprehensive insurance policy for your vehicle. Once activated, any auto insurance policy is valid only for one year, which needs to be renewed before expiry to ensure continuity.

If you are looking for free car insurance quotes or you have decided to buy car insurance policy online, we have something great for you today. Read on to know the top 5 hacks to best car insurance.

Install Anti-Theft Gadgets


Now you may think we would ask you to buy any particular anti-theft gadget or accessory. But no, you are wrong. Rather, we are here to save your hard-earned money spent on car insurance policy. Most of the renowned car insurers offer additional discounts on the insurance packages – valid when you have installed an advanced anti-theft security system in your car. Ask your car insurer about this clause before buying the car insurance policy. Also, one such insurance policy will offer you peace of mind.

Don’t Claim for Minor Damages


It is always advisable not to claim for minor damages like broken tail lamp, broken side indicators or any minor dent that can affect your NCB (No Claim Bonus). If your budget allows, you should pay for all the minor damages yourself and don’t let your policy’s NCB discounts being affected. As a result, your car insurer will offer you additional discounts when you renew your car insurance policy next year. The no claim bonus discounts can be a pleasing amount, giving you another chance to save your money.

Compare Car Insurance Policies


This is in trend nowadays! You can easily compare different car insurance policies, their premium amount and features through a policy comparison website. All you need to do is visit a genuine comparison website, enter the required details and you’re done. You would get free car insurance quotes from leading car insurance companies in front of you on your screen within few seconds. Thanks to this, you can buy the best car insurance policy by paying the least.

Renew Before Last Date


Never wait for your existing car insurance policy to get expired. It is always advisable to renew your car insurance policy before the last day of its expiration, and ensure its continuation is not disturbed in any way. Several renowned car insurance companies offer additional discounts if you get your policy renewed on time. Also, you don’t have to pay extra charges for car inspection, penalties or any type of fine if your policy is renewed before its expiration.

Drive Sensibly

Working With the Insurance Company When Something Happens to Your Car

When something happens to your car you want to make sure that it’s going to be protected. You want to make sure you’re going to get it back to the original condition that it was in before and that’s what your insurance company is supposed to do. They’re supposed to help you get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition or they’re supposed to get you the money that the vehicle was worth before something happened to it so you can get a different vehicle instead (of course this also depends on the specific type of insurance and coverage that you have). But dealing with the insurance company is not always an easy process.


Get it Documented

Make sure you have thorough documentation of everything. You want a police report with all the information about the accident including (in detail) who was at fault, why it occurred and what the police findings were regarding tickets or anything else. You also want a lot of pictures of your vehicle with all the damage well documented. If you are able to get pictures at the scene which show what happened make sure you take them (you should also be able to get pictures from the police with your report). The more documentation you have the better the chances that you’ll get a good recovery from the insurance company.

Be Professional and Fair

Make sure you know what your costs are going to be as soon as possible. Get your car to an approved mechanic and have them look it over. They should be able to give you an estimate without any charges. Make sure it’s a detailed estimate and take that to your insurance company along with your documentation. You want to get what it’s going to take to put your vehicle back together because you don’t want to spend any more money on getting it fixed.

Whenever you talk with the insurance adjuster make sure you’re polite and professional. It’s their job to get you to accept as little money as possible for the work that needs to be done. It’s not personal. They aren’t out to get you. They’re trying to save their company some money. You’re trying to save yourself some money. So you’re really doing the same thing just on opposite sides. If you’re professional and polite at all times, even when negotiating and debating they’re more likely to give in and let you have more money in a settlement.

If you’re not going to get your car restored back to its previous condition and you need to purchase a new car instead make sure that you’re looking at all the options for loans. There are plenty of opportunities out there and if you click here we’ll help you find out more about the process. You need to get back on the road as quickly as possible after all and if your car can’t be fixed that means you need to get approved for a new one as …