July 14, 2024

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Corvette Buyers Missing High Wing Option Can Try This C8.R-Inspired Alternative

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 will come with numerous distinctive possibilities, but a superior wing however is not accessible. Luckily for us, Victor Racing has you lined with an straightforward-to-fit, carbon fiber choice for the C8.

Just before we commence a war in the remarks, we are aware of the superior wing that is accessible as a dealer-choice, but this carbon variant is on an additional degree. This is no Lamborghini Countach distinctive that is drilled in following you obtain your new ride. Not only is this product 70 inches huge, but it is styled following the C8.R racecar. It won’t instantly remodel your vehicle into Jordan Taylor’s Corvette racer, but it is keen to be sure to.

The Victor Racing product or service will be accessible for $one,699 and is much more than just a piece of carbon you slap on your car. When it is not the energetic wing that the firm has built formerly, this model will arrive with 3 amounts of adjustability to optimize your track day experience. Absolutely sure, it appears excellent, but also it has been examined in the max downforce setting up to one hundred forty mph (225 kph) with no concerns.

Aerolarri is the to start with to stock the VR brand wing and are promoting it with specially built endcaps. When not pictured in the press pictures, bare-carbon versions styled following the C8.R or SR-seventy one Blackbird will be accessible for $249. Having said that, the brand has a launch-period of time distinctive in which they will toss in the end caps for absolutely free.

When that is all perfectly and excellent, you may perhaps be curious about how the new wing will fit onto your pleasure and pleasure. As the Victor Racing choice lies further back again than stock models, some drilling is needed. We’ll let you come to a decision if you like that or not, but if you want it on your vehicle, know that you’ve gotta be committed — thankfully, the wing doesn’t prohibit your view out of the rear-view mirror.

Apart from having a ability drill to your Vette, the wing is pretty clear-cut to fit. An aluminum aid plate goes less than the decklid that acts as a manual to clearly show you precisely in which to drill.