Do’s and Don’ts of Car Rentals

As a starter, it is often very difficult to rent a car. Apart from the

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As a starter, it is often very difficult to rent a car. Apart from the fact that it is really expensive, a lot of consideration should be taken note of before agreeing to sign the rental papers. For example, the thought of rental fees, insurance, gas charges, restrictions, and rules shouldn’t be left out. Below are the necessary dos and don’ts of car renting.

Check the car for damages

A thorough check-up should be done on the car to ascertain that there are no dings, scraps or dents on it. Taking pictures of the car on all its sides and angle is a welcome thought to be able to get the attention of the car rental agent if any dings or dent is seen in the car. 

Also, if peradventure any more damages are observed, getting an alternative car is allowed. The idea of renting a car without prior checking is wrong so as not to wind up paying for scraps or dents that were not caused by you.

Beware of restrictions

You need to bear in mind the restrictions involved as well because a number of the agencies in the United States wouldn’t mind if you decide to tour around the country or go across to Canada for example. Meanwhile, you might need to stand up to a few restrictions or some issues regarding insurance. As such, carrying out full research before delving into areas that are restricted is paramount.

Don’t buy additional insurance

There are great chances that the insurance policy you are presently on gives rental car coverage, but you can also ask for confirmation from your insurance agency. If you are in dire need of it, supplemental insurance can be bought. You also need to be certain that you possess the collision and damage waiver policy. However, special credit cards exist to usher CDW in the light that they are used as a means to pay to car rentals.

Book early

One of the advantages of early bookings is flexibility in the prices offered. For example, if you have enough time, you would have a lot of varieties to choose from and also enjoy discounted rates by the time you are ready to return the car after your tour and you are not late. If you return late, even if it’s a few hours, you might be asked to pay for the whole day.

Compare rates

Most of these rental or travel agencies own websites that allow you to compare rates. Often, the overall cost rises when both fees and taxes are added together. You can also check car rental reviews to get information on which car rental companies provide quality services at cheap rate. Asking for a discount can get you to save up to about 20% of the actual price. Aside from this feature, you can also save more by by-passing booking compacts and extras. To by-pass these fees, you have to collect your car at any location that is not the airport. You should also take note of the gas fill-up packages as you can decide to fill it on your own accord.