June 13, 2024

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Drag Battle: C8 Corvette Vs. Dodge Demon

In the video clip, the two cars commence with a race from a standstill. From the start, the C8 effortlessly pulls away from the supposedly more rapidly Demon. The Corvette keeps pulling a guide through second and 3rd gear, but by the time the car hits fourth, the Demon starts clawing that gap again. It really is not enough nevertheless, and the Corvette crosses the complete line in 1st area.

Now on to the roll race, in which the Demon has the crystal clear edge. As the cars cross the commence line, the Corvette manages to continue to keep up, but from 3rd gear onward the Demon walks away with it. If there’s a single factor we can acquire away from this video clip, it is really that the C8 Corvette is a whole sleeper with the appears of a supercar.