Ferrari teases new 296 GTB-based supercar; Is it the 296 GTS?

Ferrari has launched a teaser of an future model on Instagram. It unquestionably appears to be based on the 296 GTB. That’s obtained us scratching our heads, as we weren’t expecting Ferrari to reveal the open-best 296 GTS this month.

The teaser impression partially reveals the facet profile of the new product. The condition of the vent is very similar to the 296 GTB, and so is the window profile. On the other hand, there are two more shut traces that are not current on the GTB. If it is the 296 GTS, we will get a affirmation on April 19.

Ferrari 296 GTB-V6 Hybrid-Supercar-1

The Ferrari 296 GTS will use the exact same V6 hybrid powertrain as the coupe. The 3.-liter V6 motor develops 654 hp, and it is paired with an electric motor that boosts the all round output to 818 hp and 546 lb-ft. Ferrari promises that the 296 GTB sprints from -62 mph in 2.9 seconds and will hit a major velocity of 205 mph. The efficiency of the GTS is envisioned to be just about on par with the coupe.

As I claimed, if Ferrari is in fact arranging to reveal the 296 GTS on April 19, we unquestionably weren’t anticipating that. We even did a story on why we think the launch of the 296 GTS may perhaps have been pushed again.