July 25, 2024

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Ford Truck Turned Storm Chaser With Gull-Wing Doors Visits Jay Leno

Firemen will need a fire truck, when policemen call for a rapidly cruiser to chase the terrible fellas. Even the military and marines on the industry will need armored trucks to stand up to any explosive attacks. Unnecessary to say, hard positions will need similarly hard vehicles. That’s why superstar meteorologist Reed Timmer has a rig to use for what he does ideal – chasing tornadoes, storms, or any freak that character could assume of.

Timmer starred on Discovery Channel’s fact series known as Storm Chaser, the documentary film Tornado Glory, and on the series Tornado Chasers. He makes funds by studying these storms, and by studying I mean he practically chases them.

Of training course, Timmer’s occupation requirements a little something that could stand up to nearly anything character could toss at it. In this scenario, it’s the Dominator three, which, guessing by the selection designation, is Timmer’s third just one yet. Now never check with me what happened to the other two.

According to Timmer on his stop by to Jay Leno’s Garage, his Dominator three is a former Ford Tremendous Responsibility truck. It remained all inventory beneath the hood – a 6.seven-liter PowerStroke V8 diesel that makes four hundred horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 800 pound-toes (1,085 Newton-meters) of torque – but as you can see in the video clip embedded on best, the relaxation are massively modified. Sure, those are gull-wing doors you are hunting at, and they are bolstered with 16-gauge steel and polyethylene Kevlar composite for additional security from projectiles.

An additional modification in Timmer’s Dominator is its airbag suspension, which permits the truck to reduced by itself to the ground in an prompt. This eliminates the place underneath that air could go by way of, probably flipping about the rig when experiencing winds of large-velocity.

There are other modifications on the truck and Leno even analyzed the Dominator three utilizing a large-driven jet. Watch the video clip on best to see what happened.