How to Find the Right Vintage British Motorcycle For You

How to Find the Right Vintage British Motorcycle For You


Are you looking for a vintage British bike? Thanks to the internet, they are much easier to find. In order to narrow your search, you should ask yourself some questions about what exactly you’re looking for. Here are a few tips on finding the right vintage motorcycle for you.


Question #1: Is the Marque Important?


Are you looking for a motorcycle made by a specific manufacturer? There are around ten famous British motorcycle makers, including Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield, and others. If you want a particular marque, try searching something like “vintage Norton motorcycles for sale”. If you are not sure what brand of motorbike you want, you can Google lists of British motorcycles to see what they might look like. Once you find pictures of a bike you like, you can do more research on that make and model.


Question #2: What Type of Bike?


Consider what you’ll use the bike for. Are you a collector or do you plan to use the bike regularly? If so, for what kinds of activities? Motorcycles are built with many different types of activities in mind, such as cruising or adventuring. Or perhaps you’re a city-dweller needing a fast yet stylish way to go places. In that case, you should look into café racers.


Question #3: How Vintage is ‘Vintage’?


How old do you want your bike to be? Are you wanting a motorcycle built before 1970? Or are you looking for a working antique, possible pre-WWII or even turn-of-the-century? Many of the bikes of these eras have incredible stories attached to them, so if owning a piece of history appeals to you, look for motorcycles from these periods.


There are many more questions to ask yourself than these listed. After you’ve answered them, you can move on to other important considerations, such as engine capacity and trim, so that you are eventually able to find the bike of your dreams.