How to pick the ideal car for your lifestyle

  We all have that dream car in mind that we’d love to own, but


We all have that dream car in mind that we’d love to own, but usually, it’s totally impractical. Whether it’s a two-seater sports car you pine for when you have a family to take care of, or a huge monster truck when you’ve only room for a Mini, it’s rare you’ll be able to go straight for that dream car. Instead, you’ll have to settle on something more practical.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! If you take everything about your lifestyle into account early, picking that ideal car for your living situation shouldn’t be as difficult, and will allow you to narrow it down to a set of cars you’d be more than happy with. Here are just a few things to consider…

Set a realistic budget

Budget will most likely be the most dominant factor in your search for the ideal car, so it’s important to set this early so that you don’t end up looking at vehicles that are way out of your price range. What’s your monthly income, how much of that can you comfortably put aside for a car, do you have enough savings to pay cash for it, or do you need to work out finance payments, do you need to pay for insurance monthly, will parking be an additional expense? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

What are your needs?

With your budget in mind, what are your needs? I’m not talking about what you want, but your practical requirements in a car that will ensure your vehicle does everything important in your life. Are you a salesperson who’s always in the car? You’ll need something that’s more comfortable on your back, and probably a diesel engine for motorway driving efficiency. Or, do you need it simply for running errands and seeing friends?

Do you have any restrictions?

You might immediately say no to this, but you’d be surprised how restricting certain aspects of your life can be. For example, if you have children, pets that ride in the back seat or a hobby that involves a lot of equipment, you’ll need a five-door vehicle and a larger boot capacity to accommodate them. Then think about your living arrangements; if you live in a block of flats with a height or width restriction on the vehicles entering the car park, this is something you’ll need to factor in.

What do other people think?

Don’t forget that thousands of other people will be in exactly the same position that you are right now, and plenty of them have left handy reviews on almost every car you can think of. Be sure to check on a reputable website for these reviews, such as, and take note of the main positives and negatives of the vehicles you like, and whether they really would suit your lifestyle.

How did you decide on the perfect car? Leave your tips in the space below…