May 23, 2024

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Hyundai buys a California skateboard to underpin new EVs | Automotive Industry News

Canoo skateboard integrates as much of an EV as possible into the platform using a minimum of components

Canoo skateboard integrates as substantially of an EV as attainable into the platform utilizing a bare minimum of factors

Hyundai Motor has contracted Canoo to jointly acquire an electric automobile (EV) platform centered on Canoo’s proprietary skateboard layout for approaching Hyundai and Kia designs.

Canoo will deliver engineering products and services to assist acquire a fully scalable, all electric platform to Hyundai and Kia specifications. HMG expects the platform to assist its dedication to delivering price-competitive electrified vehicles.

Canoo is a Los Angeles centered firm generating EVs for membership only.

It tends to make a skateboard platform which homes the most important factors of the automobile with all factors satisfying as a lot of capabilities as attainable.

This minimizes the measurement, excess weight and full quantity of parts which in the long run presents far more interior cabin place and a far more price effective EV.

The skateboard is self contained and can be paired with any cabin layout.

HMG stated the adaptable electric platform architecture implies a simplified and standardised development procedure for EVs which is expected to assist lessen price that can be passed together to consumers. The automaker also expects to lessen complexity of its EV assembly line – cue eventual career losses – allowing for speedy reaction to altering demand and desire.

Hyundai and Kia both equally not long ago announced programs to acquire fully electric function constructed vehicles (PBVs). Hyundai offered its 1st strategy at CES 2020 in January when, at its CEO trader working day on 14 January, Kia announced a approach to acquire PBVs customized for shared service and logistics companies.

Canoo reached beta tests stage in just 19 months of inception and not long ago opened the hold out list for its 1st automobile thanks for launch in 2021.