May 19, 2024

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James Bond waylaid by coronavirus | Car News

The creators of the James Bond film franchise announced Tuesday that they are postponing the release of the next installment of the series to November 25 in the United States. No Time to Die was originally scheduled for release on April 10. The reason: coronavirus.

No, Daniel Craig, the famous Agent 007, does not have Covid-19. However, the producers have announced that after careful and thorough evaluation of the world cinema market, the release of No Time to Die has been postponed to November 20.

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This decision is a direct consequence of the spread of the coronavirus. The powers-that-be behind the film were reasonably concerned that it will severely curtail attendance in movie theatres, places that are usually crowded when such popular feature films are shown.

It also happens that the initial release date roughly coincided with the time when many experts believe a potential epidemic could be at its peak. Given the importance of the Bond franchise and its continued success for MGM Studios (it’s virtually the only truly profitable project the studio has been able to produce over the past 30 years) and producers (who only make Bond films), meagre box-office revenues were not an option. The latest film in the series, Spectre, grossed $880 million worldwide, including $200 million in the United States and $83.5 million in China, where the virus first appeared.

But why are you hearing about James Bond and movies on the Auto123 website? Simply because many of us were eagerly looking forward to seeing Aston Martin’s glorious past and future on the big screen; no fewer than four of the brand’s models are featured alongside the human cast.

We’re talking of course about the mythical DB5, which will be making its ninth Bond appearance, but also about the current DBS, a Vantage V8, and the new Valhalla, scheduled to debut commercially in 2022.

"I'll see you in November..."

“I’ll see you in November…”