Kia Sonet petrol and diesel detailed review and expected price

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What is it?

Kia actually made a mark in the mid-size SUV room with the Seltos, and now, with its compact SUV the Sonet, it is searching for another mega strike. Like the Seltos, the Sonet is an all-new model for Kia that made its world debut ideal right here in India and will afterwards be offered in other markets.

It shares a system with the Hyundai Location, and however you’d expect the Sonet to come to feel the very same from guiding the wheel, the two Korean corporations just take a very divergent approach with their system sharing. As opposed to the badge-engineered or delicate-facelift alterations we’ve observed other individuals opt for, Hyundai and Kia have made guaranteed their shared solutions have tiny in frequent. The exteriors and interiors bear no similarity, and equally also come to feel a bit different to generate, many thanks to subtle modifications to the tuning of the engine and suspension.

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The Sonet might share its underpinnings with the Location, but it is very different to glance at.

There are three engines (four if you count two different ability outputs for the diesel) and five gearboxes on present (certainly, that many!) and they are offered in five combinations.An 83hp, one.two-litre petrol mated to a five-speed manual, a 120hp, one.-litre turbo petrol mated to a seven-speed DCT auto or a 6-speed iMT (clutchless manual), and a one.five-litre diesel that puts out 100hp when coupled to a 6-speed manual.

The surprise is the one.five diesel with a 6-speed torque-converter auto that has its ability bumped up to 115hp. It’s also a surprise because a diesel auto is rare in the compact SUV phase and the only these types of solutions are these with lowly AMT gearboxes. Even the Sonet’s cousin, the Hyundai Location, only features a manual with its one.five-litre diesel. But what the Sonet doesn’t get is a manual possibility with the one. turbo-petrol, and that could be a skip for purists. For this examination generate, we experienced the chance to evaluation three powertrain solutions – the one. turbo-petrol DCT and iMT, and the one.five diesel auto.

What is the Kia Sonet diesel auto like?

Curiously, the diesel is the very same powertrain that does duty in the Seltos, putting out an identical 115hp and 250Nm. The diesel manual gets the fastened-geometry-turbo engine (instead of the variable-geometry device on the auto) and puts out a reduce 100hp and 240Nm of torque.

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The Sonet diesel-AT’s engine helps make 15hp and 10Nm much more than the diesel-MT’s device.

The 115hp engine is an absolute gem. Refinement is major notch, and noise and vibrations are muted. At higher revs it does get a bit gruff, but under no circumstances actually sounds harsh or thrashy. Functionality, as well, is excellent, with very tiny turbo lag, and at the time you get past the two,000rpm mark, there is a phase up in ability supply. From then on, you get a satisfyingly seamless surge of ability up to 4,200rpm, at which stage the gearbox will upshift even in manual method.

What is pleasant is that the auto ‘box is actually very effectively matched to the broad torque distribute of the diesel powerplant, and in the Regular generate method, it provides a very intuitive generate encounter. It rarely feels like it is in the wrong gear and the car does specifically what your ideal foot tells it to. Try to alter rate and it will do so effortlessly put your foot down to overtake targeted visitors and the gearbox will fall just the ideal variety of cogs to give you plenty of grunt, and, as envisioned of a torque convertor device, the ability arrives in pleasant and clean.

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Sleek 6-speed torque convertor computerized gels effectively with the 115hp diesel engine.

Sport method, of program, does convey in a much more aggressive come to feel, with the ’box holding on to the reduce ratios a bit more time. But so useable and intuitive is the Regular method that for everyday driving and even some rapid dashes, it will verify to be plenty of for most. There is also an Eco method, and right here as well it impresses, as it turns out to be quite useable and doesn’t throttle the engine in the interest of efficiency.

How about the Kia Sonet turbo-petrol?

The one.-litre turbo-petrol is shared with the Location, and though Hyundai features it with a manual, DCT or iMT, Kia only features the Sonet with the DCT and iMT. The engine puts out the very same 120hp and 172Nm as the Location and the all-aluminium device is properly balanced, so you can rarely come to feel the normal thrum of a three-pot motor. Refinement is also very good and it is only when you rev it to the redline that it gets a bit vocal. The punchy midrange and the simplicity with which it builds ability helps make it a exciting generate, and though there are no paddle shifters like you get in the Location, there is a sequential purpose via the gear lever, so lovers can have interaction with the gearbox and this feisty engine.

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The 120hp, three-cylinder one.-litre turbo-petrol is quite refined.

At gradual speeds, nevertheless, you can trip up the DCT, which isn’t as good as VW’s DSG – the benchmark for mass-quantity twin-clutch transmissions (which, ironically, VW discontinued in its mass-market cars). Like in most dual-clutch gearboxes, when you mash your foot down, there is a momentary hesitation followed by a burst of ability. Also, when you’re crawling in targeted visitors, the transmission feels a bit snatchy. All this serves to highlight how considerably smoother the diesel’s torque-converter transmission is. 

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For a sportier generate encounter, opt for the dual-clutch auto (higher than) about the iMT.

The iMT is also some thing we acquired a chance to encounter and, in contrast to the DCT, it features you superior manage about shifts, as there is no software package and automated controls to 2nd guess you. So, in idea, you can extract the one. turbo’s greatest overall performance. Nonetheless, the iMT gearbox does not like to be hurried, and if you stomp down on the throttle immediately after a rapid change, the car bogs down. This also showed up in our screening, where the iMT was markedly slower than the DCT. If its overall performance you’re immediately after, then you will be superior off with the DCT. The iMT helps make sense only if you want to have total manage about your shifts but without the need of the problem of a clutch.

What is the Kia Sonet’s overall performance like?

The diesel auto was the fastest. In a rapid examination, it did the sprint to 100kph in just eleven.48sec in contrast to the petrol DCT’s 12.25sec and 13.37sec for the iMT. The diesel was also ahead in the roll-on acceleration operates, registering eight.09sec from forty-100kph and 6.29sec from 20-80kph. The petrol DCT posted a slower 9.10sec and seven.48sec for the very same forty-100kph and 20-80kph operates currently being autos, of program, equally times were the end result of a sharp kick-down on the accelerator in total auto driving. The iMT posted 13.55secfor forty-100kph in fourth gear and eleven.19sec for 20-80kph in third gear.

Kia Sonet overall performance (as tested)*
Sonet one. Turbo iMT Sonet one. Turbo DCT Sonet one.five Diesel AT
-20kph one.48s one.56s one.17s
-40kph three.27s three.40s two.51s
-60kph 6.12s five.78s 4.70s
-80kph 9.38s eight.90s seven.78s
-100kph 13.37s 12.25s eleven.48s
-120kph 19.87s 17.28s 15.76s
20-80kph eleven.19s (in 3rd gear) seven.48s (in kickdown) 6.29s (in kickdown)
forty-100kph 13.55s (in 4th gear) 9.10s (in kickdown) eight.09s (in kickdown)

*Functionality figures not to Autocar India examination requirements


So it is the diesel auto powertrain that provides a smoother generate encounter as effectively as superior overall performance who would have considered? Increase to this a somewhat superior claimed efficiency – 19kpl for the diesel, eighteen.3kpl for the petrol DCT and eighteen.2kpl for the iMT – and the diesel is quite evidently the superior select.

There is the make a difference of charge, of program. Diesel autos can get pricey, but with the petrol employing expensive immediate injection and dual-clutch gearbox technology, the hole might not be all that considerably. In actuality, on the full, so good is the diesel auto, we simply cannot enable but imagine Hyundai has actually thrown away an excellent hand by not presenting the Location with the very same powertrain blend.

How is the Kia Sonet’s experience and managing?

Experience excellent on the diesel and petrol are equally quite related, the Sonet effortlessly soaked up massive potholes with simplicity and the extra fat, 215/60 R16 tyres did a good position of smothering out our rain-ravaged roadways. The only adverse bit is, about a couple sharp ruts, you come to feel a thud, and it tends to heave you upwards when cresting speed breakers.

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The experience is good and the suspension soaks up potholes with simplicity.

In terms of managing, the diesel and petrol come to feel a bit different. The diesel has a somewhat heavier steering and is a bit much more nose major. The petrol felt nicer to steer and turned into corners with a bit much more agility. Both cars come to feel properly planted and present a excellent diploma of assurance at higher speeds, which helps make them good extended-length cruisers. Overall grip via corners is good, and human body roll is effectively contained. The steering come to feel on equally is very related – there isn’t considerably opinions, but on the as well as side, it is gentle plenty of in the metropolis and has plenty of excess weight at greater speeds. The gentle controls, decent all-round visibility, limited turning circle and compact dimensions make the Sonet very city-welcoming and simple to slot into limited parking places.

The generate modes do alter the steering come to feel, however the affect is minimal and only felt in Sport method, with the steering firming up a bit. Unique to the phase, the Sonet also features traction modes (Snow, Mud and Sand). We could not get round to screening these, but will absolutely go via them in detail in our total-blown road examination.

What is it like on the outside?

We have previously talked about the design and styling in our initial glance, but to reiterate, the Sonet does glance very considerably like the idea showcased at the Auto Expo, besides for bits like the flush door handles and some trim bits that haven’t made it to output. And though Hyundai has long gone with a much more radical type for the Location, Kia has opted for a much more acquainted but but very putting approach.

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The styling isn’t really radical like the Venue’s, but it is very putting and gets observed.

The front, of program, carries the signature Kia ‘Tiger Nose’ grille, which has a pleasant knurled and chrome-concluded reduce edge, and on the GT Line, there are some neat red accents as well. The headlights are slim LED models with the signature ‘heartbeat’ DRL gentle design, and they sit atop a very sharply minimize bumper that houses the fog lights and a fake skid plate. Topping off the front, the bonnet has a pleasant and subtle ability bulge.

The side is where you’d expect there to be some similarity to the Location, but right here as well Kia has long gone with a completely different type. The doors are different with a much more rounded profile, and defining the Sonet’s silhouette is a C-pillar that seems swept back, many thanks to the inset quarter glass and the black-out cure on the major and reduce edges. The alloys are also quite putting and have a good deal of sharp cuts, however to some they might come off as a bit about the major.

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Rear bumper has fake exhausts, skid plate and diffuser.

At the rear, the built-in spoiler carriers the higher-mounted stop gentle and the tail-lights also have the ‘heart beat’ DRL signature, which extends neatly into a reflector device stretching ideal across the bootlid. A fake skid plate with an built-in fake diffuser and dummy exhausts round off the rear end.

What is the Kia Sonet’s inside like?

In terms of inside room, it is no surprise the Sonet is related to the Location, and that suggests room is not class major. Like with the Location, the rear seat is reasonably cramped and best for two not-as well-tall travellers. The rear seat alone is quite comfortable, with plush padding, however thigh help is a bit brief. Up front, it is a different story. The front seats are large, effectively bolstered and ventilated which, in peak summertime, is a major as well as.

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Ventilated front seats are unique in this phase and are quite snug.

In which the Sonet actually scores is with cabin excellent. The selection of supplies utilized presents a excellent come to feel which is not just superior than rivals (the Location provided), but also cars of a phase higher than. The richly textured dashboard major, the chunky steering wheel with beautifully crafted buttons, and the all round tactile come to feel of all the switchgear are major class. Personally, I’m not a fan of the central air-con vents’ glance, but like the way they change with a reliable and damped come to feel. I’m also not a fan of the electronic instrument cluster and would have most popular a common needle to show speed, but I suppose it is been designed for the new ‘digital’ client.

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Rear seatback a tiny as well inclined and rear room is tighter than most in the class.

Getting centre stage in the cabin is the massive touchscreen (borrowed from the Seltos), which at 10.25 inches, is the major in class. It’s sharp, simple to work and features a break up display screen purpose, letting you run equally Android Auto as effectively as some of the Sonet’s own OS’s functions. 

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10.25-inch touchscreen is broad plenty of to present break up-display screen performance.

This brings us to the Sonet’s function checklist. With the amount of money on present, it is obvious the Korean carmaker is aiming to have the most considerable checklist. There are all of the envisioned bits, like auto local climate manage, a sunroof and wi-fi cellular phone charging. But what actually sets the Sonet apart, other than the massive touchscreen, is a fantastic-sounding seven-speaker Bose audio program, a perfume dispenser, and an air purifier that Kia suggests gets rid of germs and viruses with UVC gentle and a HEPA filter – just what the doctor ordered in these COVID times.

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The in-cabin air filtration program has a rear show as well, just like the Seltos.

Yet another extraordinary function is the ‘Hello Kia’ voice command that lets you basically chat to the car to established points like AC temperature and reduce the windows, which is quite handy at toll plazas. As with most voice assistants these times, you do not have to master a particular command, as the program recognises a couple conversational phrases. Kia’s UVO connectivity is also current, with performance offered via smartphone or smartwatch as well. In terms of basic safety, the Sonet is effectively kitted out, presenting six airbags, Abs and ESC, Hill get started Help Regulate, front and rear parking sensors and crisis braking warning.  

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Buttons tumble effortlessly to hand toggles and presses have a excellent come to feel to them.

Must you purchase a Kia Sonet?

Seldom does a manufacturer discuss of targeted gross sales volumes, rarer nevertheless for them to do so a pair of months in advance of the model’s genuine start. But these types of is the assurance Kia has in its hottest item, it has revised the Sonet’s gross sales focus on upwards from 70,000 models to one,00,000, and that as well in the midst of a pandemic! So is the company’s faith effectively-placed?

Aside from the not-so-spacious back seat, it is hard to fault the Sonet. It’s beautifully styled with good proportions and a lot of putting facts, the interiors are very effectively appointed, concluded to a higher get and packed with attributes, many of which are initial in class. It’s also effortless and very pleasurable to generate, and the diesel auto overshadows the turbo-petrol in virtually just about every way it is completely fantastic. There are also other powertrain solutions to choose from, dependent on your funds.

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Count on a Rs 6.five to eleven.9 lakh (ex-showroom) price tag tag for the Kia Sonet.

Of program, the pricing is a critical element in the Sonet’s final achievement, but immediately after what we’ve observed and driven, there is no doubt that Kia has another winner on its arms.

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