Lamborghini Urus Evo Will Be Even Better Than We Thought

A weight reduction will see the portly Urus tip the scales at slightly less than the hefty 4,850 pounds of the current model, while a boost power past the 4.0-liter V8’s already strong 641 horsepower is also expected. As with the updated Huracan presented in 2019, it’s likely the facelifted super SUV will gain the Evo nomenclature.

As mentioned, 2024 will see the Urus gain hybrid technology before being replaced altogether, by a fully-electric model.

Winkelmann told Autocar the all-electric Urus will be a “completely new car”. As for when it will arrive, the CEO would not say, but the marque’s first EV is slated for 2028, and if the Urus will become its second EV, then you can bet on its arrival before 2029.