July 14, 2024

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Lanxess creates e-mobility Group initiative | Automotive Industry News

Lanxess is generating a Team initiative for e-mobility.

The new division will be headed by Philipp Junge, presently head of the Rhein Chemie business enterprise device, as of one August, 2020.

“Present day mobility is one particular of the most dynamic expansion sectors throughout the world,” stated Lanxess board of administration member, Anno Borkowsky.

“Lanxess has a good deal to present here, from our large-tech plastics for electric vehicles to speciality chemicals for batteries. We want to increase this presenting substantially, coordinate it a lot more specifically and placement it even more powerful in the sector.”

The Group’s plastics are used in electric vehicles, for illustration for lightweight car bodies or battery housings. They also have prospective in infrastructure for e-mobility, these kinds of as charging stations and in sensors, displays and command units for autonomous driving.

In addition, Lanxess is a top maker of quite a few speciality chemicals, which modern day battery devices are not able to do without, these kinds of as phosphorus chemicals, hydrofluoric acid and flame retardants. Moreover, the Team is operating on the industrial generation of lithium, the key element of lithium-ion batteries.

At its website in El Dorado, US, Lanxess lately commissioned a pilot plant collectively with its associate, Common Lithium.

The providers aim to use the plant to extract battery grade lithium from brine made throughout the bromine generation system at Lanxess.