July 25, 2024

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Let Hyundai Teach You How To Drive Fast

Additional skilled motorists will also get a probability to find out something new under the Amount 1 software which is composed of a series of monitor activities which contain highly developed maneuver schooling this sort of as total braking at a hundred km/h even though cornering, and following the proper racing line. Hyundai will also concentrate on its E-Working experience, which is dedicated to schooling motorists with the Kona EV and Ioniq and aims to educate motorists on the technologies powering these cars.

For these who would like to window store, or recognize quickly-paced driving superior, Hyundai offers the TCR race taxi encounter which areas individuals in the passenger seat for a scorching lap all around the tracks at total speed. This encounter is only supplied to individuals of the N-Working experience and Observe Working experience Amount 1 or Amount 2. Pricing starts from about $111 for each day.