Lexus Has A Big EV Problem To Solve

Just about every automaker appropriate now is producing completely electric vehicles and several are presently advertising them, though not in substantial figures. Tesla and Polestar are two exceptions. But this is likely to transform significantly over the up coming many decades and it is vital for carmakers to lay the groundwork. Some are doing so speedier than other folks and if you snooze, you shed. Take Lexus, for illustration.

The Japanese luxurious model did manage to provide an all-time higher of 260,000 electrified vehicle revenue last yr but this also accounts for hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The UX 300e, the only pure EV so far which isn’t really marketed in the US (nevertheless the UX is available below as a hybrid and pure combustion-engined design), consisted of just 5,800 examples of that whole, or fewer than 1 % of all Lexus world product sales in 2021.