May 19, 2024

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Long-Door Jetta Coupe Is Really Freaking Us Out Right Now

What started off out as a joke turned out to develop into a Reddit feeling – this Volkswagen Jetta has been modified into a two-doorway coupe, but not in a tasty or civilized way as you usually see her in Motor1.

Females and gents, satisfy this prolonged-doorway Jetta, completed by Harry’s Auto Restoration & Repair service in Wyoming, Michigan. Now, before you elevate your pitchforks in protest versus this atrocity, allow it be known that this isn’t seriously what this car is supposed to be.

This is a movie to satisfy your curiosity:


Try to remember the Koenigsegg Gemera? This car is sort of reminds us of that. It has two prolonged doors, functional, an seat 4 (or 5, essentially) but it’s in no way as glamorous as the Swedish family members-pleasant hypercar. And it’s quite exotic, much too, in each feeling of that word.

We spoke with Harold Bloomer, the owner of the restoration and restore shop the place this Jetta coupe hails, and he reported that this Jetta was purchased at Copart for $200. Seemingly, the unique intention was to lower off the major and convert it into a truck – not that a person will make it audio any greater.

Soon after 20 minutes and by means of the use of a observed blade, the B-pillar has been lower off the entire body and finally converting the Jetta into a two-doorway coupe. Think about our aid when he reported that it’s essentially just a joke since with those B-pillar lower off, picture how the structural integrity and rigidity of the car have been impacted.

Never get discouraged by this establish, although. Harry’s Auto Restoration and Repair service isn’t seriously about generating bizarre customizations. Based mostly on reviews on his Fb webpage, it would seem like the shop is accomplishing a terrific career, in particular with Volkswagens and Audis.