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Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Every company is required by federal law to provide a working environment that is free from health and safety hazards. The department of OSHA oversees the compliance of companies with these regulations, but accidents still occur on many job sites. For this reason, and to obey state law, company’s also proved employee benefits that deal with injuries. The workmans comp Oregon law requires a company to address each employee incident with an any injury or illness that occurs in relation to employment activity.

Be in the Know

Accidents can happen even with the best training and the most careful employees. Knowing how to address the incident, file a claim, and return to work are things that both employer and employee should be on the same page about. Here are some of the commonly asked questions concerning workmans comp procedures.

1. What happens if I don’t file a claim? Should you fail to report your injury or the incident, you lose any right to compensation and medical care. Always report the situation immediately to your supervisor.

2. Can all of my disability claims get coverage? Not all disabilities are entitled to workers comp benefits. Coverage is only extended where the disability is a direct result from a workplace injury or occupational disease.

3. How much money will my disability check be? The rate of compensation involves an average of your yearly weekly pay prior to the accident. You will then receive two-thirds of this amount, but not if it exceeds the legal maximum allowed.

4. Can I get financial help for medical care even if I don’t file a disability claim? You are entitled to receive medical care whether or not you will be using the disability element of the compensation plan. This happens are long as no time is lost from work, or you aren’t absent for more than eight days.

To know the full extent of workers comp benefits, talk to the HR company at your employment. Be sure that everyone is acting on the same information to prevent denied claims.