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It is pretty crystal clear by now, offered the multitude of bulletins created by automakers in the very last year or two, that electrification will speed up at a fast rate across the market around the subsequent decade. No matter if you are for or against it, the vast majority of vehicles we know will give way to all-electrical types, or endure the transformation themselves.

In most cases, the moves will uncomplicated adequate to take. But when it comes to pure sports cars with beautiful mechanics, electrification is a lot less universally welcome. Which is the case with the Porsche 911, a car that delivers a superior part of its joy to drivers by means of the audio emanating from its mechanics.

Purists will be happy, hence, to find out that Porsche has confirmed that the 911 will not be part of its escalating lineup of electric vehicles in the 2020s. Which is not to say the model will escape electrification totally: Porsche also states a hybrid system is in development.

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S

In an job interview with Autoblog, corporation boss Oliver Blume claimed that “The 911 is our icon, and we will go on to create it with combustion engines, that is really crystal clear. Remaining accurate to tradition indicates preserving the flat-six alive.” What’s additional, he added, even if Porsche needed to transform the 911 into an electric car, it would not be an uncomplicated endeavor right after taking away the motor. Let’s face it, the architecture of this car is distinctive and it is all about stability, of which the combustion motor is a crucial part.

“The idea of the 911 doesn’t permit a completely electric car, for the reason that we have the motor in the rear, and to set the fat of the battery in the rear, you would not be in a position to drive the car. For this decade, I’m really crystal clear: the 911 will be a combustion-engined car.”

– Oliver Blume, Porsche

Porsche does say it is considering going partially electrical with the 911. The corporation is previously working on that, by the way. Porsche is no stranger to hybridity, acquiring previously manufactured the 918 Spyder (2013-2015), and has types marrying electrical power and combustion motor across its lineup. The corporation has previously gained the 24 Hrs of Le Mans with a hybrid car, as well.

What is actually sure is that the day the very last gasoline-powered 911 is offered, it is going to develop into a really sought-right after collector’s item right away.

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S
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