Quad Bikes on the Farm – A Blessing or Likely Demise-Entice?

Rodolfo Schellin

1 of the extra controversial topics in farming is the use of ATV’s – usually recognized as “Quad Bikes”.

Why are these controversial?

In a single perception, nobody disputes that an unacceptable range of men and women are killed in agricultural-relevant mishaps with quad bikes each and every calendar year.

At a time of crafting, the ultimate yearly figures for 2014 are not accessible but based mostly on previous a long time, it can be generally the case that all-around 20-30 men and women are killed every calendar year across the place on these machines.

Most authorities accept that they are the maximum personal cause of farming fatalities.

So, if no person can really dispute those figures, why is there controversy?

The point of the subject is that on the a person hand, many protection professionals are really essential of factors of the structure of these devices and believe that them to be inherently hazardous. There have been very long-set up problems over their stability and centre of gravity in conditions this sort of as on inclines or when hitting unanticipated bumps or divots in the floor.

Others point out that numerous of them deficiency any type of cab and have no crumple zones or roll bar safety in area.

The counter arguments run that no person necessitates motorcycles to have crumple zones and roll bars. They also contend that there is significantly significantly less media hysteria about the higher quantity of motorbike accidents than about quad bikes.

Advocates of these devices and that incorporates the suppliers, level out that a lot of of these incidents and fatalities arise from managing faults and riders who have unsuccessful to adopt the safety steering and recommendations linked with them.

As a last comment, individuals who believe really of ATVs on the farm are swift to stage out that they have become, in some farming conditions, practically indispensable as a expense-powerful technique for farmers to get around their land.

So, what is actually the reality?

The origin of quad bikes

It is an incredible reality but the initial quad bike experienced its origin in Britain for the duration of the late 19th century.

On the other hand, in conditions of the mass markets, they really start off to grow to be common and obtainable in figures in the course of the mid-1980s.

It truly is truly worth noting though that these machines were at first created for the navy and latterly for intense leisure pursuits, racing and off-street do the job performed by particularly skilled and very well experienced riders. It truly is in all probability fair to say that they had been in no way envisaged as remaining major ‘work horses’ in farming in the same way as ended up agricultural tractors.

Nevertheless, it is tough to argue with the contention that they are additional stable than a regular motorbike or dust bike, so that begs the problem as to why the really serious harm and fatality figures for them are normally larger, on a percentage utilisation basis, than for two wheeled bikes?

Numerous reports have looked at this location and achieved unique conclusions. Intuitively while, it seems probable as if the adhering to aspects are important:

  • In spite of much security training to the opposite, lots of agricultural consumers of ATV’s continue to use them devoid of acceptable safety and other protective garments. This is a message that was acquired a extensive time back by the the vast majority of responsible bike consumers.
  • The obstacle of dealing with a quad bike, specifically at pace, on the highly uneven and unpredictable surfaces encountered in farming, really should not be underestimated. Substantial quantities of injuries crop up for the reason that the riders are inexperienced and have experienced insufficient teaching.
  • The fact that these motor vehicles have been never ever intended with agricultural protection at the forefront of the engineers’ minds usually means that they are far fewer forgiving in incident conditions than other types of agricultural motor vehicle.


Even though there are some pleasing indications that the accident data are starting off to drop, they are nevertheless substantial and unacceptably so.

There appears to be to be scope for the brands to do significantly much more to improve their safety but also for the farming group to just take a lot much more seriously the need to deal with them with care and ability. That latter point re-enforces the need to have to undertake major instruction just before employing them and previously mentioned all, to make absolutely sure security and protective tools is made use of at all moments.

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