Reasons why your brakes are being noisy

The screeching sound that comes from your brakes can be extremely annoying and embarrassing. Imagine

The screeching sound that comes from your brakes can be extremely annoying and embarrassing. Imagine having to sit in your car with your family and going through the noise whenever you press the brake pedal. The noise can sound very irritating, but the irritation is not what you should be worried about. Brakes are an integral part of your vehicle as they ensure the safety of all the passengers inside. Noisy brakes can signal to a lot of things that are going wrong inside your vehicle.

Considering the role that brakes play in your vehicle, it is imperative that you do not neglect the seemingly irritating noise. The noise can be because of a variety of factors. Some of the reasons behind the annoying racket are:

Worn out brake pads

Brake pads have a finite lifetime after which they become worn out and stop performing effectively. Worn out brake pads are the biggest reasons behind the screeching noises that are heard while driving your beloved car.

The only way to check out whether it is the brake pads is to take out the front tires and investigate the size of the brake pads. If the brake pads show wear and tear and the size has drastically decreased, then you need to change them to stop the irritating, screeching noise coming from your vehicle.

A rusty rotor

A rusty rotor is a major factor behind the noise originating from your brakes. The rotor which conflates with the brake pads to play an important role in the braking process can start producing noises if rust starts accumulating on it. The best way to get rid of the rust is to use a rust cleaner on the surface of the rotor. If the cleaner cleans the rust, fair enough, but if it does not then you would have to contemplate about changing your rotors.

Furthermore, contaminated brake rotation due to the grooves on your brake rotor can also generate irritating screeching noises. The contamination which has probably accumulated because of a drive through a dirty road can easily be removed by thoroughly cleaning the rotor with lubricants.

Cheap brake pads

If you are still hearing irritating noises from your brakes, even after checking on the first two points, then your car probably has cheap brake pads. Brake pads come in a variety of prices, with the fall in price, signaling a fall in quality.

Cheap brake pads mean that the quantity of metal within the brake pads is particularly high. Most high quality brake pads have low content of metal, which makes the process of braking smooth and noiseless. The chunk of metals present on the cheaper brake pads make them press into the rotor and make weird screeching noises. To reduce the hassle of the squeaking noise, make sure the new brake pads that you install are made with the use of proper rubber materials, and not chunks of metal.

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