June 13, 2024

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Shelby Mustang GT350 On Flex Fuel Gains 50 Wheel Horsepower

For Shelby GT350 entrepreneurs wanting to get even more electrical power out of their sensational Voodoo V8 motor without the need to have for sophisticated mods, the team over at Livernois Motorsports has you coated. In a current post on Muscle Cars & Trucks, Livernois Motorsports’s Shelby GT350 E85 tune was showcased with remarkable final results. With a simple European tune and E85 gasoline in the tank, dyno-proven gains of over 50 horsepower are achievable. 

When it arrives to the Shelby GT350, the star of the display is the GT350’s 5.two-liter flat-aircraft-crank V8 that revs to an eight,250rpm redline and generates 526 horsepower in the procedure. This great concoction of noise and overall performance tends to make the GT350 one particular of the best the natural way aspirated cars on sale now, and a regular-bearer for a dying breed of handbook transmission the natural way aspirated V8 vehicles. There are more quickly and more highly effective Mustangs, but the noise and sensations created by the GT350 make it a exceptional vehicle and a true driver’s car. 

With a tune from Livernois Motorsports and E85 in the tank, GT350 entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pick up apparent gains without the need to have for expensive and invasive modifications. E85 allows tuners to be more aggressive with their tunes many thanks to E85’s resistance to untimely detonation. If you simply cannot locate E85, Livernois Motorsports’s tune can aid E85 and ninety three octane mixes, or just ninety three octane. This is a earn-earn problem as you are capable to working experience more electrical power when achievable but nonetheless, delight in your GT350 when you can not locate an E85 station. 

The GT350 is not the most highly effective Mustang on sale now, but this particular motor is the very last of its sort and contemporary-working day legend. As emission regulations tighten their grasp on the auto field engines like this are basically not achievable, which signifies we need to have to delight in them whilst we nonetheless can and a small E85 goes a long way.