2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS India review, test drive

What is it? 

When they rebranded the previous gen ‘X166’ GL-course to be called the GLS midway through its everyday living cycle, the notion was to cement its location in the array as the ‘S-course of SUVs’. Having said that, as it was just a facelift dependent on more mature architecture, it was not really up to the process. Having said that, with the new ‘X167’ GLS’s, there is a better likelihood of the significant SUV reaching the limousine’s large bar. That is for the reason that this just one was designed from the get-go to be extra of a luxury product and a closer relation to its sedan counterpart. Just how does it obtain that, nevertheless? Browse on.

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The GLS is not just significant, it is a mountain of an SUV. It’s a total 77mm longer than the old car, 60mm of which has long gone into the wheelbase,

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