Audi A4 India 2021 review, test drive

Its 1am, but in a city that never sleeps the streets are all well lit. Yet, Kuldeep, our photographer is busy painting more light onto the new A4 for this night shoot and I can’t help but think of Audi. The past few years have been tough and Audi will certainly be hoping that the coming year shines new light on them.

Once leaders, and with a wide model lineup, the Ingolstadt brand saw its portfolio severely cut and sales dwindle. In the run up to the BS6 norms Audi steadily dropped its diesels and decided to introduce BS6 powertrains with only new products. However, with regulatory issues and COVID delays, new model introductions were slow and even volume models like the Q3 and the A4 were eventually unavailable.

The A4 makes a return to our market after nearly a year.

However, 2020 saw Audi step on the gas

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