‘The temporary shutdown of car factories could benefit manufacturers and customers’

Can there be any positives to come out of temporary car factory closures across the globe? For salt-of-the-earth workers struggling to earn a living from motor manufacturing and related industries, the obvious answer has to be no. Such folk ain’t daft. They/we know that in these unprecedented times, concerns and worries will inevitably exist in and around car-related workplaces and beyond.   

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As with most others, I’m just longing to ‘get back to normal’. But frankly, as I’m stuck in the US while writing this, I’m no longer sure what normal is. 

In the car world we love, the only certainty – the new normal, if you like – is massive change. And change is happening, and will continue to happen, like never before. And to be clear, such upheaval applies to Britain and the rest of the world. This isn’t a UK thing. It’s a

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