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BMW 2002 Gets its First Wash in 20 Years From AMMO NYC

As a car enthusiast, the idea of someone leaving a BMW 2002 in a garage for 20 years to rot physically pains me. Thankfully, Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC found the derelict 2002 and gave it its first wash in two decades, with the intent to get it looking nice enough for someone to buy it.

To be honest, the BMW 2002 seemed to be in pretty good shape, considering its 20 year dormancy. Sure, its paint was rusty, faded in most areas, and there were quite a few dents. However, AMMO NYC has had far worse looking cars that have sat for less time than the 2002. Thank the fact that it sat inside a garage for its relative decency. The interior was gross, thanks to a mouse nest and quite a bit of garbage but, again, Kosilla and AMMO have seen much, much worse.

Once he was done

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